*My* five damn good reasons Chris Clemons signing is a great thing for Seahawks

CC Gets new Multi-year Deal

With the Seattle Seahawks set to begin training camp at the end of this week, there could be no better news than the story coming out that Defensive End Chris Clemons has agreed to a new multi-year contract.

While terms of the deal have not yet been released, this is one less headache for Head Coach Pete Carroll to have to deal with going into training camp.

This is damn good news for the Seahawks, and here we break down why.

1. Seattle gets a PROVEN player back in the line up

Chris Clemons is not some one-year wonder who held out for a new contract, and cashed in by playing hard ball (we’ve all seen that happen in the past).  Clemons has led the Seahawks in sacks for the past two seasons, with 11 in each of those years.

A pass rush is a tough thing to generate in the NFL, and giving up on double digit sacks per year would be a huge blow for the young Hawks defense.  Now, they don’t have to worry about that.

Irvin will take over Clemons’ LEO in the future

In addition to bringing down the opposing Quarterback 22 times during his time in Seattle, he has posted 100 combined tackles, and 3 forced fumbles.

2. The Seahawks now have a mentor for rookie Bruce Irvin

Though the idea is that rookie pass rusher Bruce Irvin will take over Clemons’ LEO position in the future.  For this season, they can bring Irvin along more slowly.

Without Clemons, the Seahawks would have had to thrust Irvin into a more prominent role, when he should be used as more of a situational pass rusher this year.  Clemons can now be put on the field at the same time with Irvin, and they should both benefit from having a sack artist on the other side of them.

Irvin should also be able to learn some tricks of the trade from Clemons, and that can only help the Seahawks going into the future.

I can’t wait to hear this on Mic’d up! “Hey Bruuuuuuuuce. Meet you at the QB!” – Chris Clemons

3. A veteran presence on the defense

Without Clemons, let’s face it, the Seahawks would be pretty young on D.  Now, that’s a good thing, because that projects great for Pete Carroll’s team for years to come, but every team needs a veteran presence to show the young ones how it’s done.

Potential hold out aside, Clemons is known for having good work and practice habits, and playing hard come game day.  Young players need to be reminded of that sometimes, and now Seattle has the 30 year old vet to help “coach ‘em up”.

Chris Clemons

Clemons is known for having good work and practice habits

His work ethic and leadership can carry over to the offense as well.

4. The Seahawks get Clemons under contract beyond 2012

Since this is a multi-year deal, the Seahawks presumably won’t have to deal with another contract situation with Clemons next year, and should have him and Irvin working together or trading off for the near future.

The timing of this deal also suggests that Seattle may have gotten Clemons on more of their terms.

Clemons had already lost $1 million dollars in base salary for not reporting to the mandatory minicamp, and he wasn’t going to risk losing out more not reporting to training camp or for the season, so the Seahawks seemed to have timed this one just right.

5. He helps the young secondary

The Seahawks have good young players in the secondary. #Understatement

Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Brandon Browner, and Richard Sherman.

Nothing helps the coverage on the back end more than a solid pass rush, and now that the Seahawks have their best pass rusher back, and depth better restored on the line, they should be able to continue playing at a high level in their secondary.


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