The Seahawks 5 horsemen: Who stays, who goes and what they offer

And a wildcard

The Seattle Seahawks had a good tandem already of Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin with Michael Robinson leading the way for them. They added to their stockpile of rushing weapons when they drafted both Christine Michael (Texas A&M) and Spencer Ware (LSU).

The roster is going to be tough to make for newcomers with the roster depth already quite impressive as it is. That won’t stop the Seahawks from pushing their young guys into roles that will benefit them and the team in the future.

With uncertainty shadowing Lynch and his ailments from his physical running style, the team can never be too prepared if it all goes south.

Let’s see what these guys bring to the table.  

Marshawn Lynch

We all know what Marshawn Lynch brings to the table. His physical style batters and bruises opponents over the time of a game until he can break loose for good. He isn’t a great receiver out of the backfield, but his running ability is well worth that lack of receiving ability.

He is a powerful, north/south rusher who refuses to go down after first contact…or third contact for that matter.

He is Beast Mode and he runs violently. 

Robert Turbin

Robert Turbin is much like Lynch. His style is bruising and he won’t make many people miss. He will, however run them down dead in their tracks. With Turbin in the mix, the offense really shouldn’t skip a beat if Lynch is gone for any reason.

He also seemingly has the same receiving ability as Lynch, which is presumably why the Seahawks drafted 2 more rushers.

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson has been a breath of fresh air for Mack Strong fans – fans of a true, prototypical fullback. Mike Rob isn’t much of a ball carrier – not because he isn’t a good rusher, but because Pete Carroll utilizes him in other ways. For starters, Robinson possesses good hands and CAN receive out of the backfield if called upon.

He has a few clutch touchdown receptions under his belt already. Mike Rob is also an excellent blocker, more than effectively paving the road for Beast Mode in most situations. Oh yeah, he’s a special teams ace, too.

And to top it off, he is a veteran presence in the locker room that players rally behind. (Gotta plug the RRR video that I was a part of as well)

You can’t ask for much more.

Christine Michael

Christine Michael, Seattle Seahawks

Christine Michael could be the next great Seahawks running back

Christine Michael is also a spitting image of Lynch, but with some tweaks. While he is a physical back, Michael also possesses more speed than probably all the guys on this list.

That allows him to be an explosive one cut guy who can utilize his strength and speed to not only make people miss, but also bowl through them when the momentum is on his side.

One of the bigger perks, though – he can catch the ball out of the backfield. A quality like that gives this offense an added dimension that teams will have to game plan for. Many are calling Michael a future superstar in the waiting.

Let’s hope they’re right.

Spencer Ware

Like everyone else on this list, Spencer Ware is as physical as they come. With the plan for him to be Mike Rob’s eventual replacement, it leaves Ware as the odd man out in this group.

I strongly believe the team will place him on the practice squad and allow him to learn and grow so he can step right in and take over the fullback duties one day.

He has some bursts of speed and flashes his power every opportunity he gets. He was highly effective while attending LSU and the Seahawks will look to mold him into a future Pro Bowler.

The Wildcard

Percy Harvin

Technically, Percy Harvin is not a running back. With his multi-dimensional game, though, he WILL rush the ball at least a few times this year. The Seahawks would be out of their mind not to try it.

Harvin is arguably one of THE most electric players in the league, able to beat people as a receiver, running back and return guy.

His versatility, speed and agility allow him to become a change of pace back who can do serious damage with some momentum coming out of the backfield.


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