Brandon Browner wants to wring Harbaugh’s little neck

Tensions Mounting

There may still be quite some time before football season officially kicks off, but there is plenty fuel already being added to the Seattle and San Francisco rivalry that has grown with the success of both teams in recent years. With no love between the teams, the latest outburst came from Seattle defensive back and standout Brandon Browner.

“I don’t have anything for it,” said Browner after Jim Harbaugh’s comments about the issues the Seahawks have been having with PEDs. “At the end of the day we gotta win football games. He’s a coach. He’s never gonna be out there lined up against me. I wish he would; I’d put my hands around his neck. At the end of the day, I’m about winning football games.”

Now I’m not usually a fan of people choking one another or going after the neck, but I don’t think I would mind seeing Jim Harbaugh’s reaction to Browner quickly approaching him. Before moving forward, here’s what Harbaugh had to say about the Seahawks and their PED use.

Browner's comments about Harbaugh were a little hysterical. (Getty Images)

Browner’s comments about Harbaugh were a little hysterical. (Getty Images)

“You’re taking somebody at their word, that I don’t know that you can take them at their word, understanding the circumstances,” said Harbaugh when addressing Seattle’s use of PEDs. “Play by the rules….and you always want to be above reproach. Especially when you’re good, because you don’t want people to come back and say they’re winning because they’re cheating.”

His comments coming after Bruce Irvin was suspended for the first four games of the season after testing positive for a banned substance, Harbaugh wasn’t out-of-line but was clearly taking shots at Seattle. Browner, meanwhile, decided to fire back at a coach who is sometimes more entertaining to watch on the sidelines than the actual game.

Immediate Reaction

When I first read Browner’s comments about Harbaugh, I chuckled. It’s no secret that Harbaugh can get on the nerves of plenty of fans and players across the league. The little brother of Super Bowl Champion John Harbaugh, Jim can be – and is – a little bit of a whiner at times. Always finding a reason to express his dismay with vocalized and expressive emotions, Harbaugh could be his own reality series/TV show on the sidelines at times.

Now, as mentioned previously, I don’t encourage people attacking other people. But there is something about Harbaugh that would maybe make you turn your eye if something was to actually happen to him. He’s the kind of coach that just makes you cringe and thank the football Gods you don’t have to deal with his antics each and every week.

Browner, meanwhile, does need to be reprimanded a little for his comments. While he was just undoubtedly protecting his team and Seattle’s legacy and reputation, his comments were a little passed what would have been appropriate to say. Had he said something along the lines of Seattle just worrying about their game, improving on the field, and moving past recent PED uses while not paying attention to a coach who has sideline tantrums, that may have been a better route to go.

But at the end of the day I’m not exactly irate about the comments Browner made. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, I find them rather comical.

Let’s just hope the season gets here sooner-than-later so we can take our thoughts away from off-field arguments and onto in-game analysis.


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