Biggest “What If” questions in Seattle Seahawks history

Ever wonder how it might have been?

There are a few “what if” questions that come to mind right off the bat when it comes to the Seattle Seahawks, and I will touch on those for sure, but I want to take a look at some other questions that have had me wondering over the years.

The two big ones are Drew Bledsoe, and Super Bowl XL.

Of course they are, right? Was there any other bigger what if questions in Seahawks history? I think so, and I will start with the biggest one first.

What if there was no Largent?

Steve Largent was what dreams were made of for us fans growing up during his tenure in Seattle.

It’s true that we never won any titles with him here, or were big enough to garner the national spotlight that other greats of his time were, but he was our “greatest wide receiver of all time.”

A player from the heartland, who was on the verge of being cut by the Houston Oilers, was ultimately traded to the Hawks for an 8th round pick. (What a bargain).

That pick ended up being Steve Davis, who never even played a single down in the NFL. (Once again, what a bargain).

But just think if the Seahawks had landed Steve Davis instead of making the trade the previous year?

Number 80 would not have had the same effect that it does on us today, nor would we have had our first Hall of Famer, and record holding receiver.

Steve Largent was our notoriety for many, many years.

Steve Largent Number Eighty

Could the Seahawks actually have survived without the great #80? (Photo: Google)

What if Holmgren never brought Matt Hasselbeck to the Northwest?

Another bargain deal for the Seahawks.

Matt Hasselbeck who would become the best QB to date to ever wear a Seahawks uniform, was acquired from Green Bay by his former coach Mike Holmgren.

Hasselbeck, and the Packers first round (17th overall), and a 7th round pick were traded to the Seahawks for the 10th overall pick, and a third round pick.

The Packers used their picks on DE Jamal Reynolds, and ILB Torrance Marshall. Reynolds ended up playing only three seasons in the NFL, while Marshall played the same amount of years in the NFL before going on to other leagues to finish out his career.

The picks that the Seahawks used in the draft ended up being G Steve Hutchinson, who needs no introduction, and OT Dennis Norman.

Hutchinson will one day be a hall of famer, as should Hasselbeck, while Norman spent three years in Seattle before playing with Jacksonville and San Diego before retiring in 2009.

So without a doubt, the Seahawks made out like bandits on this deal as well.

What would life have been like without Hasselbeck?

Well, we had Trent Dilfer there for a bit, but he was on the downside of his career. It could have led the way for Seneca Wallace to be our number one, but we all know he was a better WR and special teams player than a QB.

You get my drift about how we would have been waiting a long time for Russell Wilson if Holmgren never pulled the trigger on that one.

What if New England hadn’t balked at Mirer?

A decade of a dynasty in the making is exactly what the New England Patriots got when they pulled a fast one and went with Drew Bledsoe instead of who the world thought they were going to take, Rick Mirer.

Rick Mirer Seahawks

Rick Mirer; the butt of more than just a few jokes around the NFL (Photo: Seattle PI)

So, while New England were off planning playoff trips and a future as the best team of the decade, the Seahawks were stuck with possibly one of the worst picks in the history of sports.

Well, the Greg Oden one may top this one. Just a stab at Blazers fans, sorry.

Mirer was tabbed as the savior of a franchise, and brought the hype of an All American coming out of Notre Dame.

Boy were we ever wrong.

Jon Kitna couldn’t arrive soon enough.

No more on this one, because there’s no sense in reliving the heartache and pain of a bad era of Seahawks football.

What if Jerramy Stevens didn’t drop that ball in the end zone?

Trash talk has been in sports for as long as there have been sports. It’s part of the game, and will not be going away anytime soon, especially with today’s world of Twitter.

But, if you are going to do it, back it up on the field right?

Well, obviously Jerramy Stevens didn’t get that memo back in Super Bowl XL.

With three drops in the game (which was an epidemic for all Hawks receivers that season), including one in the end zone, Stevens may have single handily lost that game for us.

In my eyes it was only half of the problem, the “home town” refs being the other half, but that’s a story for a different time.

So what would’ve happened had Stevens caught that ball?

We may have walked away with a win that day, officially. We could have been the champions of the world on that day.

And we could have sent Jerome Bettis off into the night a loser, and not a winner.

But that’s the point of this piece, all these questions are hypothetical. None of these things actually happened. You win some (Largent and Hasselbeck), and you lose some (Mirer and Stevens).

All I know is that when the time actually comes when Russell Wilson does lead us to a Super Bowl Championship, it will be that much sweeter after all the turmoil this franchise and us fans have suffered going on four decades.

So with that in mind, we all need to be focused and get the next win on Sunday!


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