Rich get Richer! Clemons & Browner ready for Seahawks season debuts

A good game to ease them back into the fold

On Sunday afternoon the Seahawks were already planning on welcoming back a few old friends who now play in Jacksonville, but now there is two more to add to that list.

That’s right Seahawks fans, both Chris Clemons and Brandon Browner will finally be making their 2013 season debuts.

With the Jaguars struggling mightily on the offensive side of the field this year, this should be a great way to see just how agile these two will be after their extended off-season.

Not taking anything away from the Jags – oh wait, yes I am – but this couldn’t have happened at a better time. I mean seriously, the only thing uglier than the Jags new helmets has been the offense that they roll out each week (sorry Gus).

No one can be sure of what these guys will be capable of after their time off and there is a lot to say about the difference in speed from the practice field to a real game situation.

This piece is to remind us of what these two can and will bring to the table. It’s kind of scary how well this D has shut down two very mobile QBs the past two weeks playing at almost half-strength.

These two pieces will sure help out, that’s a proven fact.

Chris Clemons

Cliff Avril finally got to suit up last week, and what an impression he made. It will be interesting to see just how he will be used with Clemons back, but I’m not complaining.


This is huge to be getting Chris Clemons back. (Photo:

When you have a guy who has had a minimum of 11 sacks the past three seasons coming back into the fold, what’s their really to complain about anyways?

The quickness of Clemons is his strongest attribute, and something that will need to be used for the next two weeks until the real quickness of Bruce Irvin comes back from suspension.

Now I’m not saying that Clemons would’ve been able to stop Colin Kaepernick every time he got out of the pocket last week, but I do think he would’ve disrupted him quite a bit.

The nice thing about having a team as deep as the Hawks are this year is if/when an injury does occur, we have suitable backups ready to take over the role.

I really credit Avril last week and the ever emerging star power of O’Brien Schofield, whom I think may be the most underrated player on this whole defensive unit.

Brandon Browner

Want to talk about replacements taking over for their stars, look at the job that Walter Thurmond did the past two weeks while Browner was missing time.

That tipped pass last week really could’ve saved the game against the Niners.

But let’s be honest, there is only one Brandon Browner, and he sure will be a sight for sore eyes for the 12th Man Sunday afternoon.

We all know how much Pete Carroll loves his Pac-12 boys, and no offense to Thurmond, but you just can’t ever really replace a guy like Browner: 98 tackles, 9 picks, 3 fumble recoveries and 2 TDs, those are insane numbers for two years in the league.

Now he may be a bit slow out of the gates, and that is why I have said that this is the perfect game for him to get his feet wet in.

The Jags are starting Chad Henne, who does like to go down field on occasion, the trouble is, he really doesn’t have an option. Plus the Jags do like to run the ball, or at least try to establish a run game if that’s what you want to call it.

I’m not predicting a pick 6 out of Brandon his first game back, but I do see him getting back to game speed and back to the fundamentals that make him such a great corner.

Both these players will bring something that has been missed the first two weeks, a fear factor.

I, as well as all of you, are ready to see what these boys can do.

Go Seahawks!


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