Coach speak: Seahawks Pete Carroll presser | May 20th

Reading Between the Lines

In the future, NWSportsBeat will be doing these articles within a day or so of the actual press conference. However, since this is a new, regular series for NWSB, and the Seattle Seahawks made the national news again for all the wrong reasons, I felt it was a great presser to start off the inaugural edition of Coach Speak.

Watch the press conference here!

Not only was the May 20, 2013 presser about the first OTA (Organized Team Activities), it was also the first time Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talked about the four-game suspension earned by second year defensive end, Bruce Irvin, for violating the league’s PED (performance enhancing drug) policy.

Here is the breakdown.

The First 4 Minutes and 54 Seconds

The first 4:54 focused on the opening of the press conference, and Carroll jumping right into the Bruce Irvin news. Interestingly enough, he never acknowledges the violation specifically, and doesn’t even mention ‘Bruce’ until 3:33.

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll spoke about the suspension to Bruce Irvin for the first time at the May 20 presser.

To start the presser, Carroll leads with a joke to break the ice and then adds in some generic banter about the guys ‘flip-flopping’. The wry smile is indicative of Carroll trying to lighten the mood.


Just following the first minute, Carroll shifts gears and begins talking about the Irvin suspension without directly mentioning it. He rationalizes away the news, minimizing it by talking about the difficulties of being an NFL superstar.


At 2:18, he begins defending the action of the team and the steps it takes to control the locker room. He gets defensive in his tone, but still never gets into any specifics.

The truth is in the details, and Carroll is avoiding particulars at this point as much as he is avoiding eye contact.


Just before the clock strikes four minutes, Carroll brings it home, equating Irvin’s suspension to a misbehaving child, rather than confronting the fact that it was the team’s sixth different player suspended for PEDs since 2010. His opening soliloquy finally ends at 4:54, when he begins taking questions.

The rest of the presser video goes on for a bit more, and there is definitely some interesting comments worth listening to if you have the time; but is a little too much to go into for this article.

I’ll be honest, I’m a huge Pete Carroll fan. He is one of my top 5 favorite coaches in the league. However, part of what makes Carroll great is also a root cause to one of the main problems with the Seahawks.

Whether proven or not, Carroll’s time with the Seahawks and his tenure at USC have been plagued with indents that could be considered more a ‘concerning trend’ and less an ‘unfortunate coincidence’.

Either way, it is going to be a long season if Carroll doesn’t tighten his grip on this team.

What are your thoughts on Carroll and the rest of the presser?

Leave your comments below.


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