Coach Speak: Seahawks Pete Carroll presser | June 5th

Confidence with Carroll

After my article HERE on NW Sports Beat, where I predicted the Seattle Seahawks to go 7-9 in 2013, the general feedback I received was, “C’mon Man”.

It’s not that I feel as if the team has no hope, I just think there are a few concerns that could end up becoming trending problems. 

However, one thing I’m not concerned about is the leadership of the team.  I love the way Head Coach Pete Carroll runs his ship, and even with his ‘questionable’ history, there are few coaches I’d rather have head my team.

With that, let’s take a look at Carroll’s press conference from June 5, 2013.  As part of an ongoing ‘Coach Speak’ series, I will break down the body language behind the words in attempt to see through the coach speak and get at the truth.  As always, all analysis is my opinion only.

Watch the press conference here!″>

Here is the breakdown.

The First 1 Minute and 1 second

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll was once again at the podium the other day.

Not a lot is going on here.  The video jumps right into Carroll’s opening and he is pretty transparent.  He makes a lot more general eye contact than he did in his May 20th presser, and his body sways a lot more, showing a relaxed comfort.  His posture is also very wide and open, indicative of a calm demeanor.

Carroll did mention the team in general, and likes their attitude and tempo as indicated by his head nodding in affirmation as he speaks (0:24). He does shake his head side to side when he talks about the young guys fitting in, but its more emphatic than negative (0:33).

Other moments of note:


Carroll takes a question about T Breno Giacomini in regard to issues with his knee.  Coach went on to say it wasn’t a real concern and that Giacomini could have practiced.

At (1:11) he even outstretches and opens his hand, leading me to believe the knee really is a non-issue.  Note in here how much eye contact Carroll makes when being honest and open, a far departure from where he is on more ‘sensitive’ topics.


The next question is on Carroll’s impression of rookie T Michael Bowie out of Oklahoma State.  Again, Carroll opens up with his arms (1:29), nods in affirmation and is generally pleased with what Bowie has done.

He does make a note to mention the need to get the rookie in pads, but is genuinely impressed with Bowie’s showing in OTAs.


Carroll talks about the importance of 1st team reps.  He lets out a wry smile at (1:49).  Between the smile and the direction of his eyes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Carroll had talked about or stressed this exact subject privately within the day prior to being asked.

Carroll likes working with young players and it seems fairly obvious that his positive outlook on Bowie is authentic.  Look for some good things going forward for the young tackle.


Carroll talks a bit in depth about the secondary, and specifically DB Walter Thurmond.  Carroll seems loyal to the players he likes, and Thurmond is one of those guys.  He talks about being aggressive, playing some man and having the pieces to do so.

We all can agree that the Seahawks have the best secondary in the league.  I believe Carroll is really hoping that Thurmond can work himself into being a complimentary piece to that back end.


Carroll starts talking about rookie back Spencer Ware out of Louisiana State.  As with Bowie, Carroll is supportive of the pick.  The conversation then leads into RB Marshawn Lynch.  There isn’t much to see here, other than the fact that Carroll’s demeanor has slightly changed.

He does make a passive point mentioning Lynch’s need to be there for continued activities and camp.  He counters this by pumping Lynch up, but it is my opinion that he would rather have Lynch around the team instead of out on his own.


Golden Tate, Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Will Tate’s role diminish this coming year? (Photo: Elaine Thompson/ AP)

Getting into some meaty talk concerning the veterans, Carroll now has moved on to how WR Golden Tate responded to the acquisition of WR Percy Harvin.  His response and handling of the situation is very diplomatic.  However–at(7:17)–when he is talking about who will get the touches, he responds with generalizations about not ‘tilting the field’ and ‘just playing football’, but his neck posturing and gaze are a lot more closed off than they have been since the start of the presser.

While not a situation yet, it is a part of the ‘general conversation’ that fans should monitor going forward.


After some general responses, Carroll’s talk begins to focus on Bruce Irvin, and his use in different packages.  While he is complimentary of Irvin, the (11:12-11:16) section is of note because Carroll passively questions Irvin’s ability to make the transition from the mental to physical execution of his new/expanded role within the defense.

While Irvin had a successful rookie year, he left many fans wondering why he couldn’t explode with a little more consistency.  While too much can’t be read in Carroll’s response, I do think the coaching staff has resonated some of the same questions privately that the fans have talked about on Monday mornings.

While this segment of the presser may not be ‘proof’ of that, I do think it is indicative of it.


Some general talk of Harvin and a hip flexor injury.  Carroll is pretty open about his response and the injury doesn’t seem to be a big deal.  It’s also clear that Harvin is fitting in well with the team.

I’m not sure there will be enough balls to go around and Harvin is third in the pecking order behind QB Russell Wilson and Lynch, but so far so good.


The conversation then shifts to free agent DE Cliff Avril and an injury to his foot that was equated to a stress fracture. Carroll goes on-and-on, minimizing the injury and then rationalizing it being a non-issue by the fact that Avril has had it for so long.

However, Avril isn’t working full speed and given the difference in response between Avril’s foot and Harvin’s hip, I would be more concerned about the former being an ongoing issue and something the team is more concerned about.

In all, while relaxed, the presser had some good tidbits of information in it.  What are your thoughts on some of the key topics brought up?


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