Matt Flynn is the missing piece to my Seahawks Super Bowl dream

Tap Tap Insider Steve Is Buyin Flynn!

Most of you know by now that I was never really on board with the Seahawks hiring of Pete Carroll.

At the time of his hiring I felt like Paul Allen was making a knee jerk reaction based on the record from the previous season. Because of my disapproval of Mora’s firing and my overall disapproval of college coaches making a jump to the NFL level, most of his offensive personnel decisions up through last season were met with a harsh eye of criticism.

Can you really blame me?

For as heralded as Pete Carroll was at the college level,  during his first two seasons he had a hard time keeping an offensive coordinator in town, while two offensive line coaches manned the position in the same time frame.

His first round draft picks, Russel Okung and James Carpenter, were met with a certain shrug of the shoulders and the overall passive attitude towards the QB position really ruffled some feathers.

Trading down in the second round and paying Charlie Whitehurst borderline starters money while driving Matt Hasselbeck out of town left the team in the hands of QB Tarvaris Jackson, whose development was  already ruined by an untrustworthy Minnesota coaching staff.

All of these moves seemed rather peculiar at the time considering the QB’s Carroll was able to recruit while at USC. It seemed like Carroll was clueless to the position.

He was sending a message that having a running game and a top flight defense superseded having an elite QB.

Please allow me to personally apologize to Pete Carroll.

I was wrong, and I’m sorry.

You see, while I was too busy pointing out the shortcomings like a mad man, Pete Carroll and John Schneider were quietly putting together something special.

As shrewd as those moves were at the time, to trade a Julian Peterson, to cut a guy like Lofa Tatupa, and restructure the contracts of a Marcus Trufant, Leroy Hill, and Aaron Curry, these were exactly the brilliant moves that have given this team the flexibility it needed to put themselves in the position they now face.

Having the ability to afford to bring back their key components Marshawn Lynch, Red Bryant, Michael Robinson, Paul McQuistan, and Breno Giacomini without having to deal with salary cap restrictions allows you to upgrade the DT position in Jason Jones and finally addressing your long term QB needs in Matt Flynn.

Pete Carroll being introduced to Seattle

You bet Pete is smiling! The signing of Matt Flynn gives the Seahawks flexibility in spades. (Photo Credit - AP)

The signing of Matt Flynn gives the Seahawks flexibility in spades. Not only do they have their QB of the future, but now there is no need to waste valuable picks.

You can use your draft to fill in the holes that remain at left guard, defensive end, linebacker, or a wide receiver if you feel the need to in the event Visanthe Shiancoe decides to sign elsewhere.

The Seahawks have options, and everyone knows that having options gives you better avenues toward a brighter future.

That bright future is right now in my opinion. This football team has all the right ingredients of a Super Bowl team. They play a quick, stifling, hard-hitting defense.

Their offensive line is now a unit that is allowing Marshawn Lynch to perform at a Pro-Bowl level. The receiving corps is a good mix of skill and possession with down-field, big-play ability, and now they have a QB to match.

It cannot be said enough. NFL teams cannot win a championship without an elite QB. The days of winning titles with Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson are over.

Matt Flynn  fits that bill.

Am I saying that we should expect the moon in year 1? No, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened either.

It’s time we should embrace this Super Dream.

For the first time in my 20+ years supporting this team, I’ve never allowed myself to buy in like I’m doing now. For the first time it feels legit. It feels like it’s our time to shine.

So again, to Pete Carroll and John Schneider, I’m sorry for ever doubting you. It will never happen again.


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  •  Surely even a strong turnaround under Flynn will take a couple years, but I feel like there is a renewed optimism in the Northwest since the re-signing of Lynch, and now the acquisition of Flynn. Hell, I might even buy back in to the ‘Hawks 🙂

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