Five free agent quarterback options for the Seattle Seahawks in 2012

T-Jack  just doesn’t cut it

We have all seen, and heard, the Brett Favre-esqe story of Peyton Manning and where he will end up next year. If he is even cleared to play that is.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of the top five free-agent Quarterbacks that I think the Seahawks should take a look at.

After all, what do we have to lose?

I am omitting the likes of Drew Brees, and Alex Smith (not that I would want him anyways), because they are most likely going to sign with the Saints and 49ers respectively

1. Matt Flynn

Flynn brought national attention to himself when he covered for Aaron Rodgers on that final day of the regular season this past season. His numbers were outstanding, as good as any given Sunday when Rodgers would be starting.

Just think what he could do for the Seahawks and their young receiving corps during a full season!

With a QB like that under center, the Seahawks would automatically be in the hunt for the NFC West title again. I can probably speak for a lot of fans out there in saying that I have grown accustomed to winning in this division.

This past year was no bueno, we own this division, and Flynn could put us back on top.

One of the other Seahawks bloggers here at NWSB Brandon Choate does a great job breaking down the Matt Flynn signing PRO’s, and another article on the Matt Flynn CONS here.

2. Jason Campbell

If Campbell can win in Oakland, he could definitely win in Seattle. Before he was lost to the year to injury, Campbell had the Raiders looking toward a top seed in the AFC West.

Now that Carson Palmer is in Oakland, the Raiders can afford to part ways with their QB.

Campbell has been a good QB in Washington, and Oakland, despite not having any real threats. Neither of those teams are Super Bowl threats year in and year out, but a strong showing over his career could land him a starting job in Seattle no problem.

Chad Henne

Chad Henne is another QB who has had a down-on-his-luck career. Could he be in Seattle in 2012?

3. Chad Henne

Henne is another QB who has had a down-on-his-luck career so far. Henne has the arm to be a top passing yard QB, but has just lacked the coaching, and talent.

Coaching and young receiving talent are just what the Seahawks have, and given the way the Hawks passed the ball during the second half of the season, Henne’s arm would be perfect for this young offense.

 4. David Garrard

Of course if the Seahawks want to get in on the triple-option a la Tebow and the Broncos, Gerrard is always an option. So is Vince Young for that matter, but I think Pete Carroll is still holding a grudge.

Gerrard is built like a bull, can run, and has a pretty strong arm. He’s only two seasons removed from a Pro-Bowl appearance, but his neck injury will make him a liability signing no matter where he ends up.

5. Peyton Manning

Though he isn’t technically on the market as of yet, he soon will be. This is a tough call, should the Seahawks go for broke and sign him to the big bucks he deserves?

Right now the Cardinals are interested in him as well, and it would be worth the money just so they don’t sign him.

Like Gerrard, his neck injury adds some serious liability issues.

Though Manning is a no doubt hall of famer, the money he will want may not justify his signing.

But, this could be a once in a lifetime signing for the Seahawks. I say if the opportunity is there, we jump all over it!


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  • Supurcar

    All of those are a bad idea, we pay all the money for a QB and then they go on IR and we are back with Tjack or Whitehurst again. Everytime they go outside the organization for a big name player it is a bust. Deon Branch, Housh, Burleson, to name a few. Lynch finally becoming a bright spot is one of the only ones that have turned out good but even he had a rocky start here. I would hate to Manning on here as a guy who plays 3 games and retires after a blow to the neck. Why did Campbell get replaced by Carson…. injury. 

    • Clinton

      I totally agree 100% with your analogy, and it seems it happens with the M’s too. But T-Jack is not the QB of the future, at all. And yes, Campbell was lost his job due to injury.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t disagree with you, but I also can’t help but think a 35% healthy Peyton Manning (even w/ Dr. Approval) is an upgrade over T-Jack.

    • Clinton

      For sure, I actually think every player on that list is an upgrade from T-Jack. Just as long as they don’t resign Charlie, I’ll be a happy camper!

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