The Top 5 Reasons The Seahawks traded Aaron Curry

Bye Bye #59

Aaron Curry’s tenure as a Seattle Seahawks linebacker can be described as rocky, at best.

He was labeled a bust by the end of his first season in Seattle and not even halfway through this season, people are calling for his head. Breaking news today tells us the Trade we all knew was coming has finally happened.

From @MortReport on ESPN. “The Seattle Seahawks get a 7th-round choice in 2012 and conditional mid-round selection in 2013 from the Oakland Raiders for linebacker Aaron Curry.”


Here are 5 reasons why Aaron Curry needed to be traded.

1. Man coverage

His pass coverage was atrocious. When playing man, he was constantly beat by his guy off the line and you could frequently see Curry chasing his guy down instead of sticking with him.

That was the primary reason KJ Wright took Curry’s starting spot this season.

Aaron Curry

Bye Bye #59 Curry traded to the Raiders

2. Zone coverage

Curry’s zone coverage was as bad as his man coverage. As he drifted the middle of the field, he frequently got caught moving to the sideline and opposing quarterbacks ate the middle of the field alive.

That is where a large portion of opposing pass yardage has come from.

3. Tackling

Unless he’s tackling pads held by coaches, Curry has been ineffective. He constantly goes in for the hit and bounces off the player or the player shoves him off. Curry does not wrap people up when he’s tackling and it has killed him. An example from last weekend against the Giants.

Curry drifted to the left of the field as Eli Manning hit his TE with a dump pass almost directly in front of Curry.

Curry was there for the tackle first and was just pushed to the ground as he tried bumping the player to the ground.

4. Inability to Adapt

Curry was unhappy with his role with the Seahawks and he made that clear. He was used to a different scheme in college than the Seahawks used and was asked to change his play style to adapt to the Seattle defense.

He has failed to do so and is paying the price for it.

5. His big mouth

It’s apparent that Curry had problems adapting to what the Seahawks were asking as he openly complained about the changes in the media and on Twitter.

This week, he even admitted he didn’t play for the Seahawks, that he played for the opponents because he played on the scout team.

Social media is a powerful tool, but you can shoot yourself in the foot with it, too. Curry did just that.

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