5 Reasons why the Seahawks will not make the 2011/12 NFL playoffs

4. San Fransisco 49ers

For those Seahawks fans out there that are expecting to see the 49ers fade down the stretch, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that will not happen any time soon. The 49ers are too good of a football team for that to happen.

They are a  very disciplined, and well coached team. They play the kind of defense that make teams think twice when offensively game planning against them.

They are ranked 10th in total defense, and have the #1 ranked rushing defense in the NFL at 73.4 YPG.

Their offense is physical at the point of impact. They love to run the football, and they will pound the ball at you in waves. Even though the 49ers are ranked 23rd in total offense, more or less because Alex Smith is the QB, the 49ers are ranked 6th in the NFL in rushing at 137.6 YPG.

This is what they will do all season long. There is no secret to their offensive scheme. Jim Harbaugh took the keys away from Alex Smith, and put it in the hands of Frank Gore and his offensive line.

Tarvaris Jackson

Tarvaris Jackson - Can We Make the playoffs consistently with him?

Lastly, look at the 49ers schedule the rest of the way.

5. Quarterback

Let’s face facts. You will not win in this league without a QB. If you think I’m wrong take a look at every good team in this league and tell me if they have a bad QB.

I do not mean to say this as a slight to Tarvaris Jackson. I think we all have come to a point in the season where we can agree that Jackson gives the Seahawks the best chance to win games right now.

That should not give the insinuation that Tarvaris Jackson is not the long term solution at QB. He can’t be mainly because he has been exactly what he has always been. A career backup/fringe NFL starter used in these exact type of situations.  When a team needs a one-year stop gap.

He will never be the type of QB a team will commit to build around. Yes, for this season Tarvaris Jackson is fine, sure, but can Tarvaris Jackson lead this team to the playoffs? No.

This season can still show a lot of promise if you’re looking at the right things.

We finally should get answers to questions about some of our rookies, and second year personnel.

That is exactly what transition years are for. I think last years playoff run gave the wrong impression to Seahawks fans for this season. I’m not saying it wasn’t nice to be competing in the playoffs, but last year’s team wasn’t a playoff team under normal circumstances. (They were after all 7-9)

I think that the playoff appearance created unrealistic expectations for this year’s team.

These seasons happen when GM’s gut the the team from the previous regime.

Erickson did it, Holmgren did, and Carroll and Schneider are doing it now.

Let’s just hope they keep their eyes on the prize,  and one day we’ll feel spoiled again like we did during the successful years with Holmgren running the team.     

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  • All good points and I completely agree…

    • Insider Steve

      Thank you. It was a little hard to write, but I felt it was the appropriate time to say so..

  • D Hawk

    Hey…you have a stat issue. Seattle is first in the league with 3.2 YPC or 11th in the league at 103 YPG.

    • Insider Steve

      Thank you for the correction. I read the stat line wrong. You are correct…They are 1st in rushing defense in YPC at 3.2, and 11th in total rushing offense.. Thank you D Hawks for the correction. My apologies if this was misleading..

      • D Hawk

        Not an issue. I like to say the Seahawks are the “stingiest” run D, believing that ties directly to YPC. It is hard to say who is the “best” with so many variables. I’ve gotten some flack from 9er fans for saying it, but they also didn’t realize Seattle was first in YPC when they read it. 

        • Insider Steve

          There are so many variations of run defense. I would agree with you 100%. Stingy is the apt way to describe the defense. Again thank you for pointing that out. I pride myself in my research. I guess this proves that even the most meticulous researchers can make a mistakes from time to time. I have gone ahead and made the necessary changes in my post. I apologize if that mistake took away from my post. I will work harder to make sure my next posts are perfect..

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