5 Reasons the Seahawks should NOT sign Matt Flynn

The Case Against: Not worth the risk

I make a case FOR SIGNING Matt Flynn here.

There aren’t usually masterful performances for a team who sits their starters to rest for the playoffs. Week 17 in the NFL season brought us one of these performances from QB Matt Flynn of the Green Bay Packers. Flynn was 31/44 for 480 yards, 6 touchdowns and 1 interception against the Lions.

Ever since the game ended, there has been wild speculation and lots of sparked interest around the NFL about bringing Flynn in to start for their team. After all, Flynn is a free agent after this season.

If Green Bay were to protect him with the franchise tag, he would earn about $14.5 million…$6 million more than starter Aaron Rodgers is making.

I’m not sold on the guy, and here’s why.

These are the top 5 reasons the Seahawks should NOT sign Matt Flynn.

5. 2 starts of inexperience

Matt Flynn has just 2 starts under his belt 4 years in the league. Sure, those 2 starts were pretty good, but you should not go all in on someone with just 2 starts in their career.

He also only played 1 full season while at LSU. Yes, he filled in for a quarterback to be named later in this article at LSU a couple times, but he only played one complete season while at school.

A lot of people have pointed at the Kevin Kolb situation. He played well for a start or two in Philadelphia before Michael Vick took over the starting spot. Arizona went all in on him, trading 2 players and 2 draft picks to get him.

Seattle almost went and got him. Good thing they didn’t, though, because since joining the Arizona Cardinals he has been a complete dud.

4. It’s the system and the supporting cast, not the QB

Matt Flynn LSU

Flynn only played 1 year at LSU and 2 games in Green Bay

Green Bay has a roster full of talent. With Aaron Rodgers having MVP-type years last year and this year with players like Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson, it’s no wonder Flynn had good games. It seems as if anybody could step in and do well in the system Green Bay has set up.

In this situation, Rodgers is a great quarterback, but it’s his surrounding cast that makes him better instead of the normal vice versa situation.

3. Lots of cash vs. Draft picks

After the week 17 game in which he passed for 480 yards, Flynn had to be seeing dollar signs. The incredibly quick hype that came after that game has instantly raised his stock around the league with teams needing a QB. This could translate to demanding a large, money-rich contract for any team that signs him.

If the Seahawks were to move up in the draft to select Robert Griffin III, for example, it would cost 2 1st round picks as well as a 2nd round pick and probably another late round pick. A lot of teams see that as a bigger gamble, but with these Seahawks as young as they are…is it really that big of a gamble?

With the youth on this Seahawks team, if they go get a young stud quarterback in this draft, it would almost be worth it to skip 1 season’s 1st round pick in order to bring another young guy to help make everyone else better.

Seattle could then use the extra cash to fill other positions they can’t fulfill through the draft.

2. Learning a new system

It will be tough for any new QB to come in and learn a brand new offensive system from the team they just came from.

Take the Tarvaris Jackson situation last season. TJack knew the Darrell Bevell system and was named started almost immediately. Whitehurst did not know the system, took forever to grasp it, and failed at his opportunities he had after he thought he had the system down.

Bringing in a rookie through the draft would almost be easier, because although he does have to learn a new system post-college, it will be his first time and will be easier to develop, mold and teach him.

1. Go all in

If you’re going to spend the money or picks on anybody, spend it on Robert Griffin III. He has a SOLID arm, great field vision and his legs help him make enough plays to boggle the mind.

If you’re going to do it, do it big, because this is going to be a career-defining decision no matter how you look at it. Both are unproven, but one has a much a higher ceiling.


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