5 reasons Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson is better than Charlie Whitehurst

T-Jack vs. TD Jesus

With mixed emotions still ensconcing Tarvaris Jackson‘s every start, yesterday was the perfect opportunity once and for all, to find out if Charlie Whitehurst was the guy that Pete Carroll liked to wax all poetically about last winter.


Was anybody really expecting Seattle Seahawks “QB” Charlie Whitehurst to really breakout yesterday?

Don’t get me wrong, sure, we all were rooting for Charlie to have a good game, but deep down, I mean way deep down, you kind of knew that yesterday’s performance was exactly the type of game you were going to get out of Charlie Whitehurst.

Just how bad was yesterday’s 12-30, 97 yard, with 1 interception performance by Whitehurst? Well, compared to Dan McGwire’s 12-21, 70 yard, 3 interception gem thrown on Oct 4th, 1992 at San Diego.

I can honestly say that yesterday’s performance by Charlie Whitehurst set the new benchmark for futility for a Seahawks QB.

So now that we have established why Tarvaris Jackson is a better fit for the Seahawks as the Starting QB, there has to be reasons why.

Here are five reasons why Tarvaris Jackson is head and shoulders above Charlie Whitehurst as a QB.

1. Experience

In case most people didn’t realize this, but Tarvaris Jackson was a starting QB in the NFL prior to Seattle. He had 20 games worth of experience reading defenses, picking up the time and speed of the NFL game while starting in Minnesota.

His overall record wasn’t exactly sterling, but it was decent. Jackson was 10-10 as a starter,  and his 354-603,  3984 yards, 24 TD’s, 22 INT’s, and a 58.7 completion percentage numbers jump out at me as those a young QB would put up.

Yes he was benched in favor of Gus Frerotte and Brett Favre, but I would think in that time he learned how to be a QB from those two.

2. Pete Carroll’s desire to win forever.

Tarvaris Jackson was a questionable move at the time of his signing, and most believed Pete Carroll was in full tank mode. Well my friends, Pete Carroll isn’t tanking ball games.

As a matter of fact, he is trying to win as many ball games as he can in 2011.

Carroll believes 100% that Tarvaris Jackson can give him the best opportunity to win ball games, and rightfully so.

He’s won him two already.

3. Stats don’t lie.

Both QB’s were taken in the 2006 NFL draft 17 picks apart. Here is their progression in numbers up until the beginning of this season.

Tarvaris Jackson – 41 games, 20 starts – W/L – 10-10, 354-603, 3984 yards, 24 TD’s, 22 INT’s, 58.7% completion percentage

Charlie Whitehurst – 9 games, 2 starts – W/L – 1-1, 68-118, 656 yards, 3 TD’s, 3 INT’s, 57.6% completion percentage.

Charlie Whitehurst

Whitehurst set the new benchmark for futility for a Seahawks QB

4. Charlie WhiteHurst was Billy Volek’s backup in San Diego

Are you trying to figure out who Billy Volek is?

Let me help you out.

He is Phillip Rivers’ long time backup QB in San Diego. That would’ve made Charlie Whitehurst the third string QB.

At the time of the deal that brought him over, that’s exactly what Whitehurst was. One of Norv Turner’s  capable, but vastly overrated backups.

I have one rule in life, and that is, never trade for a QB who couldn’t beat out Billy Volek for a backup job.

5. Athletic Ability

I think this one point gets lost sometimes on Seahawks fans. Today’s NFL QB has to be an athletic type. Every good team in this league has an athlete calling the signals under center.

Say what you will about Tarvaris’ QB IQ, because it needs to questioned, he is an athletic QB.

He can make most of the throws needed. He’s mobile, but most importantly, he’s durable.

That was the big knock on Hasselbeck, and athleticism is something that escapes Charlie Whitehurst.

These things happen all the time in the NFL. A coach gets enamored with a QB’s big play potential, and starts to envision “what if”.

The Seahawks got a dose of reality with Charlie Whitehurst yesterday.

Not only did Whitehurst prove he isn’t an NFL starting QB, but he also showed why he couldn’t beat out Billy Volek while in San Diego.

Here is something that cannot be lost on Seahawks fans. Tarvaris Jackson is not the long term answer at the QB position, but he clearly is the best option for 2011.

Pete Carroll believes it, and from what I witnessed yesterday, so do I.

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  • good observations.  the funny thing is how much money they spend on Whitehurst to be the backup simply so that he wont be playing against the hawks in the division.  They must see something.  Maybe a guy that can carry a quarter, but not a whole game…  I guess that is the definition of a back up though right? 

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