Head Scratchers: 5 Questionable ‘Pete-Decisions’ (Week 9 Edition)

C’mon Pete!

Sometimes a coach makes a decision that leaves you shaking your head. In the case of Seattle Seahawks HC Pete Carroll it’s almost a weekly head-scratch!


Pete Carroll has made several decisions this season that have led fans and media to question him.

1. Tarvaris Jackson

One of his first decisions was naming Tarvaris Jackson the teams starting quarterback before the teams first preseason game.

That decision carried a lot of backlash and a lot of people were asking “What happened to earn everything and open competition?”

Well, I actually agreed with the decision at the time and although Jackson was never forced to win the starting job it gave the team stability by putting the ball in the hand of the one quarterback who knew the offense and the only quarterback on the team that had chemistry with newly acquired pro bowl receiver Sidney Rice.

The other thing accomplished by naming him the starter was giving the offense a true leader.

FB’s On The Roster

The roster decision that I was most concerned with this season was not upgrading the fullback position.

Michael Robinson does have the ability to deliver crushing blocks and open big holes but his problem has been consistency.

Too often he finds himself out of position to make an effective block wether it is on offense or in the return game.

Since his fumble a few weeks ago near the goal line Darrell Bevell has had no confidence in him to carry the ball even last week in Cleveland when Marshawn Lynch was out and the team found itself in short yardage situation without a back capable of moving the pile to pick up the first down.

Hauschka 61-yarder

People were torn about allowing Steven Hauschka to attempt what would have been a 61-yard game winning field goal.

I agree 100% with Carroll decision to kick the field goal at that point.

I know it was 7 yards longer than Hauschka’s career long but there is much more to consider than just that.

With 13 seconds left in the game and no timeouts the chance of picking up the first down and getting out of bounds was slightly more probable if you are looking at statistics alone but when you consider what happens in each scenario if the play fails there is a major difference.

If Carroll goes for the first down and they don’t make it all of a sudden the offense is answering questions about how they shot themselves in the foot at the last minute and cost the team the game. All the work they had done all game and the progress they had made would be a distance memory or forgotten completely.

With Pete choosing to kick he takes all the responsibility. No one is going to go up to Hauschka and ask “How could you miss that field goal? You cost us the game!”  Instead all the questions were on the decision to kick itself.

The other thing that decision does is install confidence in his kicker.

Pete Carroll

Someone tell me...Can Hauschka Make This 77 Yarder!?!

In the future when the team needs a 55-yard field goal to win an important game it’s no longer going to be his longest career attempt.

Defer Pete Defer!

Why would you ever elect to receive the ball to start the game when you are at home?

It drives me nuts when you have a team that has a better defense than it does an offense and the coach elects to receive the ball at home.

Play to your strengths!

Especially when you have a home field advantage like the Seattle Seahawks do. At the beginning of the game the fans are ready to make noise which helps the defense not the offense.

To start the third quarter half the crowd is waiting in concession or restroom lines and by the time they get back to their seats ready to help the defense the first series of the half is over.

Finally in the last game Carroll made the right decision.

Clock Management

Not kicking the field goal at the end of the half vs. the Bungles

The team had 7 yards rushing at that point in the game, the ball on the 3-yard line, no timeouts and not enough time to get a second play off if they don’t make the touchdown.

Carroll chose to go for it and they attempted a run that left them short of the goal line and down by 14 at the half after a wasted drive.

Had they kicked the field goal they would have entered half time after scoring, down by 11 and getting a chance to strike first in the second half because Pete had decided to defer to the second half.

Although I do not agree with all the decisions Carroll has made I trust the direction he is taking this football team and look forward to watching the continued grown of the Seahawks under him.      

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