Five surefire wins on the 2013 Seattle Seahawks schedule

Vegas Here I Come!

The NFL schedules have finally been released. After looking at the Seattle Seahawks‘ path to the Super Bowl, I can say with confidence that this is the year.

The preseason “strength of schedule” rankings have the Hawks at No. 11. The remaining three teams in the NFC West are all in the top 10 – likely because they play us twice.

After rummaging through dive bars and finding scattered assortments of opposing teams’ fans who like to drink and argue the night away, one thing is certain – the Seahawks are a threat to be reckoned with.

But we can only reach our true potential if we play to it week in and week out. That means winning the games we should, and here are the five that should be cake walks.

Week 3: Jaguars at Seahawks

The cheerleaders might be the only reason to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The cheerleaders might be the only reason to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jacksonville has sunshine, a nearby body of water and Maurice Jones-Drew. Other than that, it isn’t pretty.

The interesting story line in this matchup is the return of former Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. Bradley, now the head coach of the Jaguars, will likely have insight on the Seattle schemes, which could lead to an advantage when it comes to game plans.

Fortunately, every other advantage falls in favor of Seattle.

When it comes to talent, there is no contest. I am pretty sure everyone saw the Blaine Gabbert bust approaching from day one – probably even the Jaguars – so that was no surprise.

They have wide out potential in Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts III – but they will soon be introduced to the Legion of Boom.

This game will hopefully be a landslide victory for Seattle, and a momentum builder early on in the season.

*Fun fact: Former University of Washington quarterback Isaiah Stanback is now a tight end on the Jaguars roster.

Week 6: Titans at Seahawks

Oh no! Jake Locker! Please don’t!

So for all of the Huskies out there that read this, how’s your boy Jake doing in the league? Terrible? Weird.

Health has been a problem for Locker early on in his career, as well as a supporting cast.

Chris Johnson, aka CJ2K, isn’t the player he once was – he should probably change his nickname to CJ-barely-1K. After getting paid, the speedster has made an obvious digression, as he doesn’t seem to play with the same intensity and instincts he did prior to the big contract.

After their porous defensive performance last year- 24th in rush defense and 26th in pass defense – with little additions in the offseason – George Wilson…whooo…. – this could be an offensive clinic from Russell Wilson and co.

*Fun fact: This will be Locker’s first football game in Seattle since the UCLA at Washington game on Nov. 18, 2010.   

Percy Harvin Seahawks

Percy Harvin will look to exact revenge this season. (Photo: Washington Post)

Week 11: Vikings at Seahawks

There’s a trend starting here…

Seattle is pretty good at home, and when Minnesota comes to town – again – they will feel the wrath – again.

The addition of Percy Harvin has been the final straw that broke the camels back for the analysts. Most were on the fence about the Seahawks being elite, because for some reason our geographical location to the Puget Sound depicts our ability to win football games.

However, with the addition of Percy-the-Playmaker, there is no denying the potency of this team.

I have a feeling the Vikings are just as aware of this as everyone else.

Eleven weeks in, I’m sure they will be riding the coattails of Adrian Peterson, who will have racked up around 3,000 yards by then and will try to continue that mantra.

He did some work against Seattle last year, but the end result was a stomping of Christian Ponder and a Seattle victory.

Whether Ponder or Matt Cassell is the starting QB by then, the result will likely be the same.

*Fun fact: Adrian Peterson misses his former teammate.

Week 16: Cardinals at Seahawks

Ladies and gentleman, Carson Palmer has entered the building, as the Cards recently picked up the human couch potato.

The Raiders made yet another fantastic franchise move by trading their entire future – via draft picks – for the stay-at-home dad Mr. Palmer. His short tenure in Oakland was far from pretty, and the Raider ownership bit another bullet as they gave him away to Arizona.

He now finds himself with the great Larry Fitzgerald, but also in the toughest defensive division in the league. If the corpse of Carson can last until week 16, we will get to see a hell of a show.

The Cardinals’ offensive line is scraping the bottom of the league, and it now has arguably the least mobile quarterback to block for. With the new additions on the Seattle defensive front, this combination just doesn’t bode well for the veteran.

*Fun fact: In the last match up between these two, Fitzgerald reeled in 1 pass on 11 targets for 2 yards. The final score was 58-0.

Russell Wilson should be able to take down St. Louis' defense again i 2013 (Photo: Seth Perlman/AP)

Russell Wilson should take down St. Louis’ defense again (Photo: Seth Perlman/AP)

Week 17: Rams at Seahawks

This was the toughest game to put on the list.

Many overlook the Rams because of their drought over the last several years., but they are not nearly as bad as people think. They were middle of the pack when it came to defense – 15th in both passing and rushing defense – but their front four are no joke.

Chris Long and Robert Quinn combined for 22 sacks last season. Both players are young, and will only improve. The fact that Seattle will likely have a comfortable playoff spot by this time brings up the possibility of resting players.

Not really in Pete Carroll‘s identity, but you never know.

The division is going to be a brawl between Seattle and San Fransisco, but the Cards and Rams could easily play large roles in the deciding factor.

Overall, I would like to say this is a win for Seattle; but we shall see.

*Fun Fact: The Rams’ only divisional loss last season came to the Seahawks in week 17



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