Seattle Seahawks vs. 49ers Blog: Love’ Em & Hate’ Em

Great Effort – Bad Result

The Seattle Seahawks welcomed the San Francisco 49ers to the Clink in Week 16. They needed a win and a Lions loss versus San Diego to make the playoffs. They got neither. Tough day all around.

Love’ Em

The Seahawks running game

San Francisco has the leagues number one ranked rushing defense and had yet to give up a running touchdown or a 100 yard rusher. On Saturday Marshawn Lynch did both.

I saw a shot of Patrick Willis when Marshawn score and you could see how sick he was to give up the first rushing touchdown of the season. Not as good as a win but it was nice to see.

Heath Farwell Blocked Punt

I love seeing a guy like him making a big play at a game changing time. It was the spark the Seahawks needed, unfortunately they fell a quarterback short of a victory.

12th Man

Came out in force saturday and was full of energy. Having Shawn Kemp raise the 12th Man Flag was a nice touch by the Seahawks organization.

Kicking the Field Goal toward the end of the first half

The reason I can get behind the FG attempt is because you had 3 downs to go 7 yards and couldn’t make it. The Seahawks were facing a team that had not allowed a rushing touchdown all season while the Hawks themselves have trouble scoring a touchdown in the 5 yard line.

You kick the field goal to put the team up by 7 and ask the defense to hold for the last 1:30 so you can enter half time with a lead. If you go for it and don’t make it there is an instant change in the momentum of the game in the 49ers favor. There may have been a little shift at this point anyway but not like had they Seahawks been stopped on 4th down.

Hate’ Em

Kicking the Field Goal near the end of the half

I know I just said the opposite but I see this one either way. If you go for the touchdown here and make it you crush the 49ers going into the half (assuming you hold their offense).

Seahawks Seagals

Seahawks Love'em Hate'em vs. the 49ers

The 49ers would enter the half just allowing their first rushing touchdown of the season and would have to think about that and the fact that the Seahawks were controlling them the entire first half. This could have broken their spirit.

The Defense could not force any turnovers

There were a couple chances but the defense was unable to make the big play that could have changed the outcome of the game. Instead it was Tarvaris Jackson‘s fumble that pretty much sealed the Seahawks fate.

We found out for Sure who Tarvaris Jackson is

He has proven he could manage a game and avoid losing it for the team but I have been wanting to see if he could drive the ball down the field for a score when the team needed it to win a big game.

Saturday we found out the answer, NO.

Forty Whiners fans complaining about the 12th Man giving an ovation to Delanie Walker (49ers) when he was carted off the field after suffering an injury 

We stood and gave him an ovation out of respect, not because we were happy to see the player hurt. We may not like the 49ers but the overwhelming majority of us don’t want to see injuries to anyone get injured especially bad enough to bring out the cart (okay there may be a couple guys in the league who kill dogs as a hobby or people that I don’t mind seeing get hurt).

We give the same ovation when it is a Seahawks player being carted off. There may have been a few boozed up fan who were happy but don’t come to my stadium for one game and tell me how the 12th Man is out of control. I have been to over 60 games and can’t remember one player who didn’t get a standing ovation as he left the field after an injury.

The Skittle throwing

I’m sorry but if you throw things in the stadium you should be kicked out. Its not safe. I had them hitting me in the back of the head and neck (okay that doesn’t hurt) but if I had been turned around and one hit me in the eye it could be a problem.

It could also hit a player, especially Marshawn who some fans like to throw the Skittles at. Respect the other 67,000 people in the building and stop throwing crap!


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