Five fearless Seahawks 2013 draft predictions

With the 25th pick…

The NFL Draft is always eventful, especially for the Seattle Seahawks. While many teams are banking on their top round picks, the Seahawks have taken another direction under GM John Schneider and Head Coach Pete Carroll.

This nontraditional way of drafting teams has taken the NFL by storm via PCJS and has shown the Seahawks know what they’re doing.

This year should not be any different, either. While the Seahawks aren’t known to make big splashes in the draft, they have played their cards right when it comes to finding late round talent. And they haven’t thrown the house at anyone, either.

It’s always hard to predict what the unpredictable will do next. I’m going to try anyway. Here are my 5 fearless Seattle Seahawks 2013 draft predictions.

They WILL trade down

Last year, the Seahawks traded out of the 12 pick and moved back in the first round. The previous year, they were going to trade down their second pick in the first round until someone stupidly left Earl Thomas in the draft pool.

Pete Carroll, John Schneider, Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll and John Schneider have made a great team

This year will be no different. And while you may wonder how the team can get first round value out of trading the #25 pick, PCJS have proven they will make due with whatever they have.

They WILL draft another QB

This may not be much of a stretch for some, but this year’s QB draft class is far from superior. You certainly won’t find any Russell Wilsons in this group. The fact remains, though, that the Seahawks currently only have 2 QB’s on the roster.

And ONE of those guys is highly expected to be shipped out of town come training camp.

The Seahawks will need to fill that backup role and could easily look to the middle and later rounds to find a viable backup QB. Names like Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, and Mike Glennon are going to be popping up.

There WON’T be any reaches this year

When Bruce Irvin‘s name was called last year, many of us uttered a collective “WTF.” That won’t happen this year. The Seahawks, after finally getting the foundation built that they were looking for, will not be calling out names that seem outlandish.

Instead, we will hear the names of the best available player at whatever position the Seahawks are looking to fill. So instead of a name like Irvin’s, this year we would be more accustomed to hearing names like Mingo and Montgomery – solid “locks” at their positions.

Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks

Kam Chancellor is a great example of what PCJS can do in the later rounds.

They WILL break their pattern of profiling

This new direction the Seahawks have headed in since PCJS have lead the Seahawks to grab the same kind of player on both sides of the ball. Big, fast, strong, mean. That’s the way they have gone and it has worked out perfectly so far.

While I expect that trend to mostly continue this year, we will see a slight change up, probably in the 2nd or 3rd round. The Seahawks either need a true slot receiver or a playmaker opposite Sidney Rice.

This is where a guy like West Virginia’s Tavon Austin would come into play. Short, but extremely quick and just makes people miss – a razzle dazzle playmaker.

They WILL draft a Pacific Northwest Guy

While my favorite PNW college player (UW CB Desmond Trufant) has no chance of falling to the Seahawks, I can still dream about a new Trufant era in Seattle. Other top candidates are ex-WSU WR Marquess Wilson, Oregon: DE Dion Jordan, RB Kenjon Barner, OG Kyle Long, Oregon State: WR Markus Wheaton, CB Jordan Poyer.

Those are all positions of need for the Seahawks and they have an extra advantage with all these kids being in their own backyard. Don’t be surprised to hear one of these names called in the middle to end of the draft.


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  • Hawkman54

    They don’t Need a SLOT receiver ! Does no one remember Baldwin of ayera ago or Two yeras ago. When Matt haselbeck threw to him he had no problems being great , Before this last injury riddled year. They need a SPEED WR to put pressure down the field and keep the underneath open. But their primary need as PC stated is D line , Both DT & DE.

    • I do recognize this as the primary need, but it wouldn’t be a fearless prediction otherwise. We NEED a playmaking WR. Whether slot or not, we need a guy who can grab a quick slant and juke his way through the defense, Yes, I love what Baldwin did 2 years ago, but he was injury prone last year. I would LOVE for him to step back into the role, but with the uncertainty of him going back to old form, I like the security of drafting a quick, young playmaker.

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