Welcome to Seattle Michael Bowie….Tackle Northeastern St. (OK)

Seahawks Final selection (242)

This is the last pick of the 2013 draft for the Seattle Seahawks.

The players that the Seahawks selected with their earlier picks are:  Running back Christine Michael, defensive tackle Jordan Hill, wide receiver Chris Harper, defensive tackle Jesse Williams, cornerback Tharold Simon, tight end Luke Wilson, running back Spencer Ware, guard Ryan Seymour , defensive end Ty Powell, and Jared Smith.

And the 2013 Seahawks‘ Lowsman  Award goes to:

Name:  Michael Bowie
Position:  Tackle
College:  Northeastern State (in Oklahoma)
Height:  6’5″
Weight:  330 lbs.
40 yard dash:  5.34

Michael Bowie chosen 242nd overall in the 7th round

I was unable to find any video of the young man, so I have no way to evaluate him as a player.  I could read a bunch of other people’s opinions about him and then regurgitate it on here, but quite frankly, that is not my style.  I prefer to look at a player and make my own evaluation, so they are going to have to wait until the preseason.

Michael Bowie, a one-time OSU Cowboy, transfered to Northeastern State and is now a Seattle Seahawk. (Photo:

Michael Bowie, a one-time OSU Cowboy, transfered to Northeastern State. (Photo:

What I would like to talk about is his conference call.

Michael Bowie mentioned that he violated team rules at Oklahoma State, but has learned from them and matured.  Usually things like that concern me.  In this instance, I am not worried because he also mentions that he looks up to Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung.

He sounded less than enthusiastic on his conference call, but I am going to assume that he is a laid back guy who was tired from the whole process of the draft – not that he isn’t excited to be a Seahawk.

He did have to wait a long time to hear his name finally called.

From the Seattle PI

With a year of eligibility left, Bowie transferred to Northeastern State in Tahlequah, Okla. With the Division-II RiverHawks for his senior season, he tallied a team-high 47 knockdowns and never allowed a sack. With is selection Saturday, Bowie is the first player drafted from Northeastern State since 1992.

The best part of this pick is that he isn’t really expected to make the team.  There is only upside here.  Maybe he can play well enough for the Seahawks to place him on the practice squad; maybe they release him in the first camp cuts.

Time will tell if this young man is ready to step up to the pro game.

Expert Pick Analysis

“Another small-school kid. He has arm length and some athletic ability. He’s what you would call a developmental kid.” — Mike Mayock

The Seahawks’ draft is now Finished.  We could still see the team make a move during free agency, but for the most part, we now know the pool of player the Seahawks have to choose from when they select the 53-man roster.

How do you feel about what the Seahawks did in the draft this year?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Go Seahawks!


  • Round 2/62 – Christine Michael, RB, 5-10, 220, Texas A&M
  • Round 3/87Jordan Hill, DT, 6-1, 303, Penn State
  • Round 4/123Chris Harper, WR, 6-1, 200, Kansas State
  • Round 5/137Jesse Williams, DT, 6-3, 325, Alabama
  • Round 5/138—Tharold Simon, CB, 6-2, 202, LSU
  • Round 5/158Luke Willson, TE, 6-5, 251, Rice
  • Round 6/194Spencer Ware, 5-10, 229, LSU
  • Round 7/220Ryan Seymour, -10, 229, LSU
  • Round 7/231Ty Powell, 6-3, 249, Harding University
  • Round 7/241Jared Smith, 6-3, 302, New Hampshire
  • Round 7/242—Michael Bowie, 6-5, 332, Northeastern State


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