2012 Seattle Seahawks NFL Opponents + NFL Draft Info

What we know…

Ok tough way to end the season, but it is what it is. Another 7-9 year for the Pete Carroll regime. It’s an entirely different feeling 7-9 than last year though, and that my friends is a GOOD thing.

Here’s the boxscore for the Cardinals game tonight, and my post game recap.

1. We know the Seattle Seahawks will have a coin flip with the KC Chiefs at the 2012 NFL Combine to determine which club selects 11th in the NFL draft. The loser of said toss will of course pick 12th.

(Ahem…Landry Jones)

2. We know that if the Seahawks had won today they’d be 8-8 and by my guesstimates would be drafting 14th or 15th.

Landry Jones

The loser of said toss will of course pick 12th. (Ahem...Landry Jones)

They of course didn’t, falling to Arizona 23-20 in OT thus sealing their fate as a 3rd place team in the NFC West.

3. We know Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady will be coming to ** “Seahawks Stadium”, we could also get Mark Sanchez and Tony Romo…again.

4. We know Marshawn Lynch (If he’s back with the club – he’s a free agent) will get to go back to Buffalo for a game. (Who knows, that game could even be in Toronto, Canada)

5. Seattle will probably have three, maybe six 10am PST starts. @ Buffalo, @ Miami, and @ Carolina. Possibly three more @ Chicago and @ Detroit and @ St. Louis. Better hire that sleep coach again.

Here’s the opponents.

Home: Green Bay, Minnesota, New England, the Jets and Dallas.

On the Road: Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Miami and Carolina.

Per Mike Sando at ESPN.

Another season, another trip to Chicago. The scheduling rotation called for the third-place team from the NFC West to visit the third-place team from the NFC North. Seattle and Chicago are those teams.

What we don’t know…

1. We don’t know yet if we’ll have any Monday Night football, Thursday Night Football, or Sunday Night Football prime time games.

NFL Schedule

OFFICIAL 2012 NFL Schedule

We won’t know this until after the season when the OFFICIAL 2012 NFL Schedule comes out.

2. We don’t know what QB will be leading the team into 2012.  If Mel Kiper of ESPN gets his way it will be Landry Jones (Oklahoma) His 3rd ranked QB on the big board, and Jones slots in at #12.

The Seahawks would pick…as we said 11th or 12th. PERFECT.

3. We don’t know if Pete Carroll and John Schneider are set at QB with Tarvaris Jackson.  Remember these are the same guys who in 2010 said signing Matt Hasselbeck was their top priority, and look where that took them.

It’s too bad he didn’t come back. This team with Matt in my opinion would have been a 10 win team in 2011! I’m still 100% behind Pete and John though, but I do think that was a BIG mistake.

4. We don’t know who the Coaches are yet for Miami, and the Rams. Some intrigue awaits. Especially if Gruden or Cowher take the post in south Florida.

5. Finishing first in the NFC West meant the 49ers drew the champs from the NFC East (Giants) and NFC South (Saints). The Seahawks also drew the third-place team from the NFC South, which means they’ll be facing Cam Newton on the road.

Doesn’t Robert Griffin III or Landry Jones vs. Cam Newton sound inviting?


** “Seahawks Stadium” – I refuse to call it CenturyLink Field, call me old fashioned.
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