Seattle Seahawks 2012 QB competition will be close! Jackson vs. Flynn

Can Another ex-Packer QB lead Seattle to the promised land?

The competition for the starting quarterback position will be as close as ever this offseason.

The Seahawks have recently signed former Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn to a 3-year deal on March 18. He is expected to come in and challenge Tarvaris Jackson for the starting spot.

For a large sum of fans all fingers point towards keeping Jackson – he had a tremendous second half last year in which he produced career marks and turned the 2-6 team into a wild card contender.

In 2011, Jackson completed over 60% of his passes for 3,091 yards and 13 TD’s along with 12 interceptions.

Others believe that it is time for a change.

Jackson vs. Flynn: Strengths

Tarvaris Jackson excelled in many areas last season that seem to go unnoticed. He kept plays alive by rolling out of the pocket and making throws on the run. He completed passes with accuracy and velocity.

Not only the short tosses to Lynch, but also deeper throws including the occasional long ball. He has shown that he is comfortable with the Seahawks system and that is a very important factor when considering who should be the starter for 2012.

Evaluating Matt Flynn can be tricky, for his lack of playing time (only two career NFL starts!) can be deceiving. From what has been seen so far, Flynn provides confidence in the pocket. He can recognize pressure from both sides and get rid of the ball.

Along with Jackson, he has above average accuracy and mobility. He has shown impressive game management skills – recognizing the blitz and moving the ball downfield with a quick pace in crucial moments.

Don’t forget: He set Packers records for putting up 480 passing yards and six touchdowns against the Detroit Lions in Week 17 last season. He had another spectacular performance against the New England Patriots in 2010, his first career start.

Tarvaris Jackson

Unlike Flynn, T-Jack's game management skills need work.

Jackson vs. Flynn: Weaknesses

Jackson has struggled consistently with his decision making skills. He will force throws to covered receivers or put too much faith in his arm. Unlike Flynn, his game management skills need work.

He is not too aware of opposing defenses, causing him to pass to players he THINKS will be open. He also needs to hold on to the darn football, for he totaled five fumbles last season (Lynch only had three).

Flynn, on the other hand, needs work in completely different areas. He lacks the velocity that is expected for most NFL starters (but so did Matt Hasselbeck!).

By leaving passes in the air too long, it gives the safeties more time to get to the ball and break it up. He has been inconsistent with hitting receivers past ten yards or so. Obviously, he also lacks the amount of experience that Jackson has.

But haven’t we all seen a player with limited playing time succeed before?

Looking at the broader picture, the Seahawks have two quarterbacks who have the potential to compete in the NFL. Tarvaris Jackson already has a full season as the Seahawks starter under his belt, and his performance was nothing to complain about.

Matt Flynn is coming to Seattle with only two career starts, but both games made him look like a future Hall of Famer.

With Marshawn Lynch recently re-signing to the team, the Seahawks will most likely stick with their run-heavy offense.

But who will be the man behind center in 2012?

The position is still up for grabs.

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  • Seahawksandlin

    “Performance was nothing to complain about” ?? Are you serious? Yeah, I see the other top QB’s throwin the ball out of bounds on 4th down all the time too, and dont forget expecting your OL to hold their blocks 10 seconds. True Hawk fans are estatic that we may have a hope in a close game now, besides just praying that the “D” will score. Good Bye TJack, bring on Portis or Kellen Moore for backup.

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