Quinton Coples 2012 Draft profile: Future defensive force for Seahawks?

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Seahawks NFL draft preview: Quinton Coples

With the Seattle Seahawks 2012 NFL draft (#12 overall) a name you could easily hear called is Quinton Coples from the Tar Heels.

Height: 6-6 Weight: 284
Position: DE/DT
Class/Draft Year: Sr/2012
40 Time: 4.78

On March 15th Mario Williams signed a 6-year $96 million dollar contract with the Buffalo Bills. Everyone knows Williams is a great player but is he worth that much scratch?

Well, in this market yes. He hit the perfect storm of free agency if you will.

The Bills had a ton of money to spend, a clear need at defensive end and it is a rather weak draft class at the top of this position. Quinton Coples is my second rated defensive end in the draft and I am left with more questions then answers when it comes to his game.

First a few things I really really like, but my Editor wants Love ’em & Hate ’em so here it is.

Love ’em


I love his speed. He has the ability to play fast and get after the quarterback, tracking him down from behind when necessary.

The Dip

I love the way he dips around the corner in pass rush. He is 6’6″ 284 pounds but he is able to run almost horizontal to the ground to dip his shoulder under the offensive tackles reach and the ability to turn the corner to get after the quarterback.

The New York Giants Osi Umenyiora has used that skill to be a sack machine posting 68.0 sacks in the last 7 seasons.

Now my negatives…

Hate ’em


I hate the lack of consistency I see from him. Not just game to game or play to play but through the process itself.

From what I have seen from him I am extremely worried this is a guy looking for a payday and not a guy looking to be the best player he can be. I could see this guy signing his contract and then falling off considerably leaving the team and the fans frustrated.

Quinton Coples

Brett loves Coples speed, but to be honest, not much else... - (Photo Credit Anthony Barham/Southcreek/


I hate his lack of desire. At least as an observer I don’t see a passion for the game most of the time. He seems to enjoy the pre-game hype but when it comes time for the blood and the sweat to hit the field running I just don’t see what I would expect from a player

I was comfortable drafting in the top half of the first round.

Call it lazy or call it slow but he has a tendancy to not get set in time for the snap. At the professional level offenses will take advantage of that. Offensive tackles are going to smack him in the mouth before he is perpared for the snap if he doesn’t clean that up.

Do Your Hear That Whistle?

I hate that he doesn’t play through the whistle. I have noticed that there are a lot of plays where the action goes away from him and he just gives up on the play.

Then the action will back towards him and he’s not prepared. He has to scramble from standing straight up with his hands on his hips and try to get into position to make the play.

I like to see everyone play through the whistle or get a bus ticket out of town.

Late Hits

I hate that he hits the quarterback late a lot. In the NFL he will be a roughing the passer machine if he doesn’t clear that up. It does show that there is passion somewhere in this player but he needs to learn when to use it and when to back off.

With Quinton Coples I see a high risk player and despite his skill set I’m not sure his head can get right enough that he can be a premier player in the NFL.

If I’m drafting a player at #12 overall (Seahawks) pick I’m not looking for a guy with this many concerns.

The league has a need for pass rushers and it will make someone overlook his concerns and focus on the physical specimen, I just hope it’s not the Seahawks.

Just my .02c.

Quinton Coples, North Carolina

Height: 6-6 Weight: 284
Position: DE/DT
Class/Draft Year: Sr/2012
40 Time: 4.78



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  • Thattoddguy

    I’ve been looking for more insight than the standard “He may lack motivation” kind of jazz that has been the standard fare of most folks trying to explain his downside. Your article was illuminating to say th least. Thanks!

  • You are more than Welcome, I am glad you enjoyed it. 

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