Reasons David DeCastro is a perfect fit for the Seahawks

The line would be solid

Stanford University’s David DeCastro would be the ideal player for the Seattle Seahawks to take with the 12th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft (if he lasts that long) and they want to solidify their offensive line.

DeCastro is a plug in and play type player

He would become the Seahawks starting left guard the moment he signed his contract.

Though he chose to play for the Stanford Cardinal, he is a Seattle native whom was born in Bellevue and played high school football for the Bellevue Wolverines.

Out of high school, DeCastro was considered a 3-star prospect and had a choice of several Pac-10 schools including the hometown University of Washington, but he chose to attend Stanford where he was red shirted his freshman season.

In 2010, he was First Team All Pac-10 and last season he was an All-American.

At the Stanford pro day what stuck out to me was that David does a nice job staying low in his stance after the snap and even though it was just a drill, you could see his eyes surveying the field and he keeps his head on a swivel.

Today DeCastro is widely considered the number 1 guard in this years NFL draft. Generally teams value guards later in the draft but once in a while a guy comes a long that can impact the game from the middle to such an extent that teams can justify a top half of the first round pick on him.

David Decastro is that player.

David DeCastro

DeCastro would be a huge lift with the 12th pick in the Draft

If the Seahawks have a chance to draft him, and choose to, he would have high expectations. Not only is he a hometown kid, but he would be a drafted 5 spots higher then when the Seahawks selected Steve Hutchinson in the 2001 NFL Draft 11 years earlier.

David is an outstanding run blocker whom is very powerful with the ability to move guys and put them on their backs. He finishes plays and has that nice little nasty streak in him that I look for anytime I’m serious about an offensive lineman.

We all know how much impact Steve Hutchinson had on the career of a running back who was timid and afraid of contact, could you imagine what a player just as good could do for a guy whom once getting to the second and third level he is near impossible to bring down?

Holes Holes & More Holes

The holes David could create for Marshawn Lynch would be huge, Michael Robinson has proven he can knock a linebacker out of the hole leaving Marshawn 1 on 1 with a poor safety trying to crash down against the run.

That safety would soon learn to shy away from the brutal contact that Marshawn Lynch would be bringing with a full head of steam.

Just as the safety turns his head to avoid the contact Marshawn would make a quick cut, leaving the poor safety tackling air, and be off to the races.

As good as DeCastro is in run blocking, he might be even better in pass protection. He doesn’t let the opponent get to the quarterback, it’s as simple as that.

The defender can beat him initially but, just like run blocking, he will not give up on the play and has the ability and shear “want to” to recover and make sure his quarterback stays clean.

Come August, David DeCastro could become Matt Flynn‘s new best friend.

If you have any doubts about his abilities you need look no further than the number 1 overall pick of this years draft.

As good as Andrew Luck is, he could not have done it from his back and DeCastro was a big reason he had the time he needed to make the play time and time again.


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  • This is one of those “we don’t agree” items. Yes, he’ll likely be a Pro Bowl guard soon. But the only guards taken in the top 12 in the last decade were drafted as OTs. My take…they took an OG in the first round last season. The upgrade from Carp and Moffitt to DeCastro and Carp/Moffitt is negligible. The upgrade from a DE or a LB taken in Round 1, hopefully after trading down, will be significant.

  • Rhino

    We need to keep the offense on the field longer, with better protection. Defense, yeah, they need help, but Lynch and whoever quarterbacks needs more help at guard.  I am so tired of seeing 3 and out or pass protection break down so often. We need a nasty guy in there and DeCastro is that guy.

  • Steelers fan

    Much respect to your franchise, you have a wonderful city that I love to visit. But as a Steelers fan, I’m so grateful your GM passed on DeCastro!!

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