The easiest games on the 2012 Seattle Seahawks schedule

We had better win these games

I have already examined the 5 toughest games on the schedule, now here are the 5 easiest games.

These five are the ones that the team must win if they are looking for a shot at the playoffs.

Good teams are able to beat the weaker ones, and the Seahawks must take advantage of the easy matchups in 2012.

Here are the five easiest games on the 2012 season:

Week 4 at Rams

Although the Rams have improved a significant amount this offseason, there is no reason the Seahawks should lose to this division rival.

Sam Bradford has shown a lot of talent, and it will be up the strong Seattle secondary to put him in his place.

Marshawn Lynch should have an easy time with the run defense of the Rams, who gave up a whopping 4.7 yards per carry last season.

Week 9 vs. Vikings

The Vikings are a team who is having a hard time getting any better.

Christian Ponder has already been announced the starter, and another sub par season for his team is looking more than likely.

Their weak defense won’t put up stops every play, and it all comes down to whatever team can score the most times (duh!).

Seahawks vs. Cardinals

The games that matter most are the divisional games, and the Seahawks need to beat the Cardinals this year.

Week 10 at Jets

The Jets are a team on the rise, but so are the Seahawks.

With games against the NFC North and the rest of the AFC East, this is in fact one of the easier games on the schedule.

The fact that the game is played in New York makes things even trickier, for their home field advantage is one of the best in the league.

But just how good will Mark Sanchez play?

This game will surely result in fans chanting for Tim Tebow because the Seahawks are sure going to make it tough to score.

Week 12 vs. Cardinals

Another divisional rivalry here, and this time it is against the team that placed above them in the division after the very last week of the season.

This time the stakes have changed, for Seattle has trust in a new face (Matt Flynn) and Arizona is still stuck with Kevin Kolb.

Their defense finished the season hot – but will they be hot enough to stop a new type of attack that has been practiced this offseason?

It might be a close one, but this is definitely a game that the Seahawks can win.

Week 15 at Buffalo Bills

This game might not even be that easy. For a team with a tough schedule, this is a must-win game.

Buffalo has a strong defensive unit that was much underrated last year.

While this might pose a threat to Seattle’s mediocre offense, finding ways into the end zone through the air will tear apart Buffalo’s defensive scheme.

If the defense can’t stop Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills, well…

Seahawks 2012 NFL Schedule

Date Time vs
8/11/12 10:00 PM ET TEN
8/18/12 9:00 PM ET @DEN
8/24/12 8:00 PM ET @KC
8/30/12 10:00 PM ET OAK
Regular Season
Date Time vs
9/9/12 4:15 PM ET @ARI
9/16/12 4:05 PM ET DAL
9/24/12 8:30 PM ET GB
9/30/12 1:00 PM ET @STL
10/7/12 4:05 PM ET @CAR
10/14/12 4:05 PM ET NE
10/18/12 8:20 PM ET @SF
10/28/12 1:00 PM ET @DET
11/4/12 4:05 PM ET MIN
11/11/12 4:05 PM ET NYJ
11/25/12 1:00 PM ET @MIA
12/2/12 1:00 PM ET @CHI
12/9/12 4:15 PM ET ARI
12/16/12 4:05 PM ET @BUF
12/23/12 4:15 PM ET SF
12/30/12 4:15 PM ET STL

Agree? Disagree? What is the easiest game on the schedule in your opinion? Comment below.


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  • 12time

    The game vs NYJ is actually in Seattle which should make it easier

  • the truth

    the bills and jets should not be on this list when speaking of the playoff picture and absolutely needed wins for the Seahawks that should be easy…rather the inconsist ‘boys at home against our brutal secondary with the 12th man in the stands and the phins on the road… both easy winnable games and both in our conference bearing more importance if we need to get in as a wild card

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