Why the Seahawks sit down with Tannehill was a smokescreen

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Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill had his pro day recently and all the NFL teams looking for quarterbacks in the draft showed up, including the Seattle Seahawks. In fact, the Seahawks sat down at dinner with Tannehill…and Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin.

This set off wild speculation that the Seahawks crashed the dinner, but according to a Dolphins insider, the meeting was planned that way.

Apparently because of their work together in Green Bay, Philbin and Schneider decided to go halfsies on the Tannehill dinner and interview him at the same time.

Either way, the Seahawks will look at the menu (Tannehill) and not order anything from it.

Here’s why I believe the sitdown was a smokescreen for the Seahawks.


Rumors have it that Miami brass has been whispering under their breath ever since Matt Flynn shunned Miami to sign with the Seahawks. They seem to be unhappy with the whole situation. So unhappy, in fact, that Joe Philbin snapped at a reporter saying, “Ask Matt Flynn why he’s in Seattle.”

Like the Seahawks fan base, the Dolphin fans are unhappy with the “apparent lack of effort” to go after big name free agents, much like Seahawks fans tend to do quite often. In reality, though, both teams have pursued the free agents and were shut down.

Through disappointment or sheer stupidity, fans of both teams throw around unfounded speculation that their team didn’t try hard enough, when in reality they did.

Back to my point.

After those angry comments from Philbin, in my opinion, the Seahawks sat down to rub it in the Dolphins’ noses a little bit more. On top of that, it might have been a power move to say, “We got Flynn, but we think we’ll look at Tannehill, too.”

You can never have enough toys, am I right? (Hey, Tannehill’s girlfriend and Flynn’s girlfriend would heat Seattle up pretty quick, too!)

Texas A&M Pro Day: Ryan Tannehill

The next toy for PCJS?


I love the 12th man, but they can really get out of hand. As each free agent chooses another team over the Seahawks, the fans get more and more unruly, talking insane amounts of trash about the franchise they love. Little do they know the efforts the front office go through to pursue these players. It’s not easy and fans aren’t forgiving in that aspect.

I think the Seahawks sat down with Tannehill to show the fans that they really are trying. With the team being out of the Luck and RG3 sweepstakes, Tannehill is the next best QB on the draft board.

By making the effort to show up, watch, and sit down with him, the Seahawks are proving that they do in fact put forth serious efforts in players they want. No matter what the fans say.

Cold feet

The Seattle Seahawks have not drafted a quarterback under the John Schneider/Pete Carroll regime. That is for starters. But that’s not to say they didn’t look.

In the last 2 drafts, the Seahawks looked long and hard at Ryan Mallett (who ended up in New England), Jimmy Clausen (who ended up in Carolina) and Andy Dalton (who ended up in Cincinnati).

Did they pull the trigger? Not one single time.

I don’t blame them, either. Yes, Dalton ended up starting and does look good. But the Seahawks had other pressing needs at the time. Just like they do this year.

Which is why I think with the signing of Matt Flynn coupled with holding onto Tarvaris Jackson will cause the Seahawks to again get cold feet. You’ve already got 2 capable starting quarterbacks and you have more pressing needs now.

Why draft a QB? At least as high as Tannehill will go.

Driving up the price

A quick one, here. But imagine if the Seahawks were going through these motions to show extra interest in Tannehill so the team could trade their 12 pick for higher value to a team looking for a QB. If the Dolphins pass him by, he’ll be there at 12.

Just a thought.


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  • Seattle got the superior QB and he’s got a better looking girlfriend, isn’t that rubbing it in enough?

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