NWSB Midterms: 2011 Seahawks Offensive Player Grades

Seahawks Player Grades

Some of you may have read my blog (Northwest Pro Sports) where I break down and grade every Seahawks player each game based on their performance taking every snap they play into consideration.

Did you see my Defensive player midterm grades article?


This is a midterm report based on their performance through the Cowboys game.

Offensive Line

1) Russell Okung (C+)

After being injured in the preseason Russell started the regular season slowly. He struggled in his first three games but has consistently improved over the last four.

2) Paul McQuistan (C+)

Paul filled in for starting right guard Robert Gallery (injury) for a few weeks. He gives the Seahawks a solid backup at the guard position and if Gallery’s play continues to be sub par he could find himself in the starting lineup.

3) Max Unger (C+)

Max has had some trouble with consistency in both the running and passing game. Unger is in his first full year as the Seahawks starting center after playing guard for most of his professional career.

4) John Moffitt (C)

John has been all over the board this season but that can be expected from a rookie third round draft pick. He Has shown a nasty streak and glimpses of his potential to be a solid starting right guard in the NFL.

5) James Carpenter (C)

James has had more good games then bad but when he is having a rough game he seems to spiral and have a terrible game. He needs to work on his discipline to avoid some of the penalties. Like Moffitt he is a rookie and learning on the job. He came in way out of shape but after the first couple weeks he has slimmed down and his improved conditioning is evident in his play.

6) Robert Gallery (C-)

Robert was brought in to be the anchor of the Seahawks young and inexperienced line. He was the only player who knew Seattle’s new offensive line coach Tom Cable. Gallery has only started half of the teams games due to injury and half the games he has played in he has been below average. Half way through the season he has been the worst starting offensive lineman on the team.

7) Lemuel Jeanpierre (D+)

Lemuel has played decent on special teams but when he was asked to start in place of Max Unger (injury) he struggled quite a bit.


1) Tarvaris Jackson (C-)

He gave himself an F due to the teams record but the fact is that it isn’t all his fault. He has struggled with reading the defense and tends to miss a lot of wide open receivers. That said he has incredible arm strength and makes thrown that most can’t make. Jackson also does a nice job buying time with his feet. 1,556 yards 6 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.

2) Charlie Whitehurst (C-)

Charlie finished the Giants game and led the Seahawks to a victory but started the next two games and played horribly. He struggles with accuracy and decision making. 298 yards 1 touchdown and one interception.

Running Back

1) Marshawn Lynch (B)

Marshawn runs the ball hard and when he gets enough carries and a little blocking he makes things happen. 398 yards 4 touchdowns and 2 fumbles lost.

2) Leon Washington (B-)

Leon is explosive when he gets the ball in space which makes him an excellent return man and running back in spot duty. Leon is averaging 6.1 yards per carry.

3) Justin Forsett (C+)

In the last year of his contract he has been consistently slightly above average. His contributions have been as a pass blocker and receiving. He only has 64 yards on the ground with a 2.7 yard per carry average.

Marshawn Lynch

2011 Seahawks Offensive MVP: Marshawn Lynch

Wide Receiver

1) Sidney Rice (B)

Sidney ranks 38th in the NFL with 435 yards but only has 7 receptions over 20 yards and has 17 first downs. He has played in only six games this season but in that time has shown his ability to catch balls that other receivers couldn’t even get to.

2) Doug Baldwin (B)

Doug is an undrafted free gent wide receiver who has 31 other teams wishing they had drafted him. He is ranked 39th in the NFL among receivers with 434 yards and has 12 receptions for over 20 yards.

He also has 21 first downs and a pair of touchdowns.

3) Ben Obomanu (B-)

Ben does not see the field as often as the two receivers above him but when he does he usually makes the most of it. He has filled in for Mike Williams when he was injured and he rewarded the team by having 107 yards against the Bengals. Obomanu has struggled with drops at times.

4) Golden Tate (B-)

Tate has played a lot better in the first half of his sophomore year than he did as a rookie. He is doing a better job keeping his head in the game and working on the little things like running accurate routes and reading the defense. Golden gets limited opportunity to make plays but when he has been given the chance he is starting to take advantage.

5) Mike Williams (C+)

After having his best season as a pro last year and finding a new life in football Mike has reverted a little bit. He was given a 3 year contract extension in January and has repaid the team by being lazy in his routes when the ball is not intended to go his way and being lazy in the running game. He led the team in receiving last year but half way through the season has 130 yards and 1 touchdown on 12 receptions. He has struggled with nagging injuries but he did last season as well and over came them.

6) Kris Durham (C)

Kris is very raw but has been decent in limited duty this season. He has 3 receptions for 30 yards but unfortunately was placed on season ending IR (injured reserve) and will have surgery to fix his labrum.

Tight End

1) Zach Miller (B-)

Zach has caught a lot of flack because he is not putting up the numbers that we saw from him in Oakland and that made him a Pro Bowler. He has 11 reception for 99 yards. His low numbers speaks more about the offensive line than it does about him. He has been used more as a blocker than a receiver to try to buy Seahawks quarterbacks enough time to throw the ball. As the line improves I would expect his numbers to increase and expect him to have at least 200-300 yards in the second half of the season.

2) Cameron Morrah (C+)

Cameron started the season on the PUP (physically unable to preform) list. In his two games back has shown an ability to find the open spot in the zone.

3) Anthony McCoy (C-)

Anthony has had a serious case of the dropsies in the first half of the season. he has 9 receptions for 95 yards but he could have at least twice that.

Offensive Awards

MVP: Marshawn Lynch, the team can not run the ball without him carrying the load.

Offensive Rookie of the first half: Doug Baldwin, it’s not even close

Biggest Bust: Robert Gallery, he may be a backup by the end of the Season.      

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  • Thattoddguy

     I love that you’ve done this mid term report and I appreciate all the time and effort that you put into making it happen each week. Are these grades representative of the average of each players weekly grade or is it an overview of how they have progressed vs. expectations of where any given player should be at this point in the season? I have got a feeling that Gallery is proving to be a better teacher than player for us and I too am starting to think that McQuistan may soon crack the starting line up at Gallerys expense unless we see some real improvement soon. In Jeanpierre’s defense, the center of the line is a bitch to play if you haven’t established chemistry with the rest of the line AND the QB. I am perfectly aware that you know this, I simply wonder if his grade takes that into account or not? The thing that drives me crazy about Jackson is seemingly not noticing wide open recievers. I realise that DB’s can usually cover ground quite a bit quicker than most of us seem to know and subsequently try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but… LOL Williams seems to have had more ups and downs this season than a pogo stick contest. It makes me wonder if he doesn’t really tolerate playing injured as well as other players? I sure hope that you are right about Miller!

  • They represent the average of their grades so far this season. Jeanpierre actually did a decent job at center except snapping the ball, apparently he is use to having Shaq in the shot gun. I think there is something to that about Williams. He doesn’t seem to be very tough mentally so I would venture to say playing through pain might wear on him.I have been pretty pleased with Miller, sure you would like to see better numbers but that could be said about the entire offense. His time will come.

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