Seahawks Playing Home Games In Philadelphia?

Clink’s location: Phili?

At least it felt that way when the fans started booing in the first quarter. Heck a guy sitting in the section next to mine was chanting for backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst on the first drive.

I understand it has been a rough start to the season but that is no excuse to not support the team.

If you are one of those booing Tarvaris Jackson and calling for Charlie what in the world are you thinking?

Do you really think it helps?

Do you think Pete Carroll is going to say to himself “Well I guess the fans aren’t happy so I am going to abandon my plan and put ‘Clipboard Jesus’ in”.

The only thing that accomplishes is alienating the starting quarterback (whom his teammates selected as a captain) which it has. The starting quarterback for your Seattle Seahawks feels like he “will probably never win them [the fans”] over” and “you want to play for the fans and all that, but I’m playing for the guys in that huddle”.

Seahawks Playing Home Games In Philadelphia?

That is not what being a member of the 12th man is about.

We don’t exclude players we supports them. What happened to “We all we got, we all we need”? 12’s are members of the greatest fan base in the NFL but some of the people in the stands don’t belong there.

They may call themselves members of the 12th man, they probably believe they are but the fact of the matter is they will never be members because they don’t understand the meaning of it.

12’s support the team through thick and thin, the good times and the bad. We all want to win but true 12’s are part of the solution not part of the problem. When you boo a player or the team you create a disconnect with them.

That group of “fans” became upset by Tarvaris Jackson’s statement “If they keep booing and we keep winning, I don’t care” but why should he?

They don’t care about him how can they expect him to care what they think?

I am a proud member of the 12th man and I will SUPPORT my team through thick and thin, win or lose.

I will cheer FOR them and stay around my seat till the FINAL whistle. I will NOT do anything detrimental to the team such as booing. I don’t have to like every player on the team but I have to SUPPORT them on Sundays. ~signed Brett Bivens

If you feel the same way please sign and make a commitment to fellow 12’s. If not, much like Tarvaris, true 12’s don’t care what you think because you are a couple snow balls thrown at Santa from becoming an Eagles fan.


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  • Debbyeone

    This says it all – either you are a true fan or you are not! Thank you for the great articles and your honesty Brett!

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