12th Man Parade a lifetime in the making


Just like the 13,ooo plus students in the Seattle School District, I too, played hooky from school today to watch the first major sports championship parade in Seattle since the ’78-’79 NBA season.

I tried to do the noble thing and set my DVR to record the festivities the night before, but the NFL Network’s programming schedule didn’t have it listed.

So, of course instead of waking up a few minutes earlier to set it before I left for school, I did what most of Washington did, I ditched.

The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl XLVIII Champions!!!

It still hadn’t really set in until the parade today. Well not even during the parade. The moment it seemed real was when Russell Wilson came out onto the field carrying the, strike that, our Vince Lombardi trophy.

With Marshawn Lynch meeting him, and spraying him, with his bottle of champagne, it was cemented into my mind for ever.

My Seahawks love affair

I can’t really select the defining moment of when I fell in love with this football team, but I’m sure it came before I attended my first game, which came in the 1985 season against the Los Angeles Rams.

That was the first year my family had our season tickets, and I was seven years old. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, I am old.


The Seahawks brought my family together in a bond that still sticks to this day.

The Seahawks brought my family together in a bond that still sticks to this day. Three generations of Bell family members are diehard fans, and will remain so until the day we die.

Now that we live in separate parts of the country, it is hard to get together to watch games, of course.

This year I did get to watch a game with my father and my sister, even though it was on my phone, it was still a pretty cool moment.

Though I really wish I could’ve watched the Super Bowl with my grandfather, being the only Seahawks fan at a predominantly Broncos friendly SB party had its advantages.

Moving ahead

I moved to Arizona in 1998, and though it was tough for a lot of years to find a place to watch my Seahawks on TV, I still followed them to the best of my ability.

The internet made not living in Washington not a problem for being a Seattle fan. With the move to the NFC West, I was assured at least two games to be televised down here each year, and the newspaper and net covered the rest of the stuff I needed to fill my fix.

Living three hours away from Phoenix, and working at a place where weekends were a must didn’t make it too easy to attend the Hawks annual trip to the desert.

Then came my birthday in the year 2000, my 22nd again for you math people. That was the day the theater of my youth was demolished (Kingdome).

I felt a piece of me disappear that day, and even though the Mariners and Seahawks had new homes, it just seemed like things would never be the same again.

And then came the wins. It honestly made the past seem so far away, or at least the suffering us Hawks fans have had to endure.

Mike Holmgren seemed to be the savior we all had dreamed of, and he was. NFC West Championships, a NFC Championship and a Super Bowl appearance. Though I won’t bring that up in this piece.

It seemed like it wouldn’t be long until we had a trophy of our own to display at the lovely new confines of Qwest Field.


I too, played hooky from school today to watch the first major sports championship parade

Pent up aggression gets released, finally

After last season’s crushing defeat to the Atlanta Falcons, the Championship Offseason mantra was released to the public.

We all took it in. Tweeted it, Facebooked it and some of us may have overused it here on

With a perfect preseason, my hopes for a Super Bowl trip were riding pretty high. I found a group down here called the Arizona Seahawkers, and attended two of their functions, as well as going to my fist Seahawks game in 23 years.

It had all the makes of a special season. And then when Richard Sherman got his fingers on the ball in the end zone at the end of the NFC Championship game, I knew this Super Bowl was ours.

There couldn’t have been a better team to win our fist Super Bowl against either in my opinion. For all of you old enough to remember how much John Elway and his Broncos used to embarrass us, this was payback in the best way possible.

The second that ball whizzed past Peyton Manning’s head en route to the end zone, I knew once and for all that this was our year, finally.

As the people around me at the SB party lost interest by the second quarter, I still sat at the edge of the couch as if the game was tied in the fourth quarter.

My phone was ringing, people were texted me and I even had a few emails. All of which got ignored until halftime, or the final whistle.

No one was going to take those 60 minutes of football away from me.

And as we go full circle back to the parade this afternoon, the same thing was going through my mind. School be damned, no one was going to take this moment away from me.

The Seahawks are Super Bowl XLVIII Champions!!!

Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

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