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When I reached out to a few current and past Seattle Seahawks players, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was extremely honored to get a few responses and to be honest, it was quite exciting. The first one who took the time to respond, though, was Seahawks Tight End Cameron Morrah.

When I spoke with Morrah, I also told him that he was my favorite pass catching TE. It may seem like I’m blowing smoke, but I’m really not. With John Carlson’s injury and his probable departure via free agency, that leaves Zach Miller and Anthony McCoy.

We all know how I feel about McCoy’s rubber hands and Zach Miller was a semi-letdown last season.

While one kept dropping the ball, literally, the other stayed steadily on the offensive line blocking for Seahawks quarterbacks. With the amount of sacks given up this season, it was not so successful.

Then there’s Morrah.

He was drafted out of Cal in the 7th round of the 2009 NFL Draft by Seattle.

His final season at Cal, Morrah had 8 touchdown receptions, a school record.

That is a sign of things to come from this young TE. Being the third string TE doesn’t help your chances, but next season, he is poised to step up and step into the receiving TE role.

Brandon's 10 Questions With...

Twitterviews with Brandon

Morrah began the 2011 season on the PUP list. It was unfortunate to see a guy getting turf toe so quickly into his career. (Similar to San Diego’s Antonio Gates)

He bounced back, though, as he returned from the PUP list and played in 9 games.

He had 6 catches for 74 yards in 2011.

I got to ask him about his past and about his future, his role with the team, and the team in general.

Here are 10 questions with Cameron Morrah

BC: Who was your favorite player(s) growing up?

CM: Favorite player of all sports Shaq. Favorite players in the NFL growing up were Shannon Sharpe and Bam Bam Morris and Brian Dawkins. Oh and Randall Cunningham.

BC: Good picks! How was the conversion from DE to TE from high school to college?

CM: I played standup DE and WR in HS up to my senior year. My OC said I’d be the leading WR if I played TE. I loved the DE position in high school tho.

I just used my speed and agility to get by people.

And all the schools that recruited me kept talking about all the weight they were gonna pack on me. So I was like “I’m good I’ll just play TE.” Shannon [Sharpe] did it at around 230. Being a smaller TE most people will more than likely attempt speed to power.

BC: Did playing DE help you gain any extra perspective at TE?

CM: Most perspective comes from film.

BC:  Do you, Marshawn, Forsett and Mebane have a brotherhood with all of you coming from Cal? Does it make things any more fun or different?

CM: Justin was my host on my recruiting trip. I feel like they all view me in a sense like a lil bro. I enjoy joking around with em all. They’re all great people.

BC: Is it weird to come to the NFL and play for a coach who was your enemy in college? And is he a player’s coach like they portray him?

CM: They were actually my favorite school in junior and HS. My dad didn’t want me to go there tho.

We go hard out there everyday and he keeps it all high energy and takes care of us.

BC: He seems like it, too. It looks like a lot of fun to be around the guy. With the team’s line issues last year, the TEs really had to step up and block more than receive. How difficult is it to go from receiving to blocking?

Morrah will see plenty more action in 2012

CM: No. We’ve all been playing the game for awhile so we know what needs to be done. That’s just another part of the position description.

BC: Do you like the system Darrell Bevell put in? Is it TE friendly in your opinion?

CM: I’m cool with any system. Just Blessed to be playing.

BC: Have you been able to learn from Zach Miller/John Carlson the last 2 seasons? Whats the biggest thing you’ve learned from em?

CM: Prolly learned the most from JC and Chris Baker. Just watching them prepare and seeing how they view different situations on the field.

BC: What do you envision your role with the team to be in 2012?

CM: God willing it’ll be a year of great health for me. I envision myself grinding and doing whatever needed to have a great year for the team and myself.

BC: What are you working to improve on next season?

CM: Nothing can ever be perfected so everything.

I also asked if he had any insight on the John Carlson situation, but as expected, he did not.

This season, I see Morrah as the #2 tight end in the system, especially with rumors flying about John Carlson’s departure. If this is the case, it sets up a perfect scenario for Morrah, allowing Zach Miller to continue blocking as needed while Morrah breaks off into routes and makes plays downfield.

His size and good hands make him a perfect mid-field threat who can pick up some yards after the catch.

If he stays healthy, it could be a good situation for Seattle with an extra receiving threat on the field in Morrah.

I would like to again thank Cameron Morrah for allowing me to interview him via Twitter. You can follow Cameron Morrah on Twitter @CMorrahEighty8

Maybe you’ll get some witty #Seahawks banter, or an updated weather forecast from 88.


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