Seahawks Moments In Time: Mike Holmgren Top 10

Top Holmgren Memories

Mike Holmgren’s reign is arguably the best years in the history of the Seattle Seahawks franchise.  Big things are happening now, but Holmgren led Seattle to the winning mentality and helped paved the way for future success.


Along the way, he did and said some things that really made him memorable.

He may be the enemy this weekend, but we love him.

These are my top 10 Mike Holmgren moments while with the Seahawks.

#10. Recognizing the 12th man

Seattle was playing the NY Giants on November 27, 2005 when the 12th man gained their biggest chunk credibility and respect.

The Seahawks went on to win the game because of the intense volume produced by the fans with the Giants on offense.  The 12th man caused 11 Giants false starts and helped shake up their kicker as he went on to miss 3 potentially game-winning field goals.

For this, Mike Holmgren awarded the game ball to the 12th man.

We all remember this from Holmgren's final home game

#9. First year set the tone

Holmgren’s first year with the team in 1999 was not pretty.  He did, however, lead the Seahawks to a 9-7 record and a playoff birth.  Although the Seahawks lost to the Dolphins in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, it was a good start to what ultimately led to a long string of playoff appearances.

#8. Mr. Second Chance

Holmgren was known for many things while in Seattle, but being a firm believer in second chances was one of his well known traits.

It took a troubled wide receiver that Holmgren drafted, Koren Robinson, to truly show us that.  Robinson was repeatedly in trouble with the law and the NFL due to his substance abuse problem and his failure to show up to meetings.

His reason for missing the meetings?  He couldn’t read an analog clock.  So Mike Holmgren went through and had the facility fitted with brand new digital clocks so Robinson could read them.

#7. The Players Coach

At the last practice before Holmgren’s last home game in Seattle, he was given a rare award.  The Steve Largent award is awarded to Seahawks players, voted by his team mates each year.

It was a 20 year tradition until the players voted to break the chain and give it to Mike Holmgren after his service with the team.

#6. Getting Over The Hump

Mike Holmgren Harley Davidson

One Big Gift - the team's present to Holmgren


The Seahawks hadn’t won a playoff game since 1984.  Things were tense.  In 2005, that string was snapped as the Seahawks took on the Washington Redskins in the divisional playoffs in 2005.  It was the turning point for Mike Holmgren leading the franchise as they were highly ranked in the season but had not overcome that playoff loss streak in 21 years.

20-10 was the glorious final score.

#5. Tundra Takeover

The season after Holmgren arrived in Seattle, the Seahawks were scheduled to head to Green Bay to take on his former team, the Packers.  As well all know, Seattle whooped Brett Favre and Green Bay and they did it in primetime.

The 27-7 was by far one of the most impressive of the 9 wins that season.

#4. One Big Gift

After Holmgren’s final practice with the team as head coach, the Seahawks had a surprise for him.  Holmgren was well known for his love of motorcycles.  Every year when the season would end, he would take a nice, long Harley ride to contemplate things.

He would surely enjoy the new cherry red Harley the Seahawks gave to him as a parting ways/thank you present.

#3. The Final Home Game

The final home game in Seattle for Mike Holmgren was memorable in so many ways.  Those at the game or watching on tv remember the near blizzard conditions at one point and the snow covering the field.  It looked like a game in Buffalo or Green Bay or New England, not Seattle.  The Jets had too much working against them that day and the Seahawks prevailed 13-3.

After the game, Holmgren walked around the edge of the stadium, thanking the 12th man for their support during his tenure in Seattle.

#2. Call Him Coach

When Holmgren started his time in Seattle, he had quite the title.  Head Coach/General Manger/Executive Vice President.  After the 2002 season, he dropped the fancy titles and concentrated on head coach.  Although he had some success as GM, Holmgren was most successful when just being Head Coach.  Look at where it took the Seahawks after he concentrated on just being coach – to our #1 Holmgren moment.

Holmgren battled Steelers and Zebras in the Super Bowl

#1. Extra Large

Oh, that’s not what the XL after Super Bowl XL means?  Super Bowl XL (40) is Mike Holmgren’s shining, crowning achievement in his tenure in Seattle.  The Seahawks dominated the league, going 13-3 with the team that Holmgren put together through his draft day trades and key acquisitions.

The Seahawks went on to dominate Washington and Carolina in the NFC Playoffs on the way to their heartbreaking loss to Pittsburgh and the referees, headed by Bill Leavy.

Holmgren became the 5th coach in history to lead 2 different teams to the Super Bowl and took Seattle to its only trip to the promised land so far.

For that Super Bowl and the rest of this list, we thank you, Mike Holmgren.

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