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Beavers’ James Rodgers gets his chance at the NFL with Falcons

The Rodgers brother’s legacy lives on!

As the evening of April 28th dragged on and NFL teams began wrapping up their 2012 draft, one particular name had yet to be called to the stage. James Rodgers, a four year star wide receiver for the Oregon State Beavers, failed to see his name come across the Radio City Musical Hall marquee.

Could his road to the NFL end just that quickly? Had scouts feared too much about his reconstructed knee? Rodgers, as well as all of the OSU faithful, hoped the answers to those questions would be an emphatic no.

The dust from the draft had barely settled when James found, at least temporarily, his answer; the NFC South Atlanta Falcons decided to give Rodgers a try, and signed him as an undrafted free agent.

While nothing is ever guaranteed at the pro level, James will be a part of the Falcon’s entering camp, and will try and make the roster heading in to preseason play.

In the mean time, Beavers, Falcons and Rodgers’ fans alike will be able to revel in the fact that James and Jacquizz Rodgers are, yet again, playing on the same team together.

james rodgers OSU

Rodgers with the Beavers prior to the NFL draft where he went undrafted.

They were high school teammates in Texas, college teammates at Oregon State, and now professional teammates on the Falcons.

What a story, right?

However, this story doesn’t come stock with a typical happy ending; while Jacquizz may have found his role on the Falcons after a productive rookie season, James will need to prove his worth to Atlanta if he wants to find a home.

Assuming James makes it through training camp and preseason, he will almost certainly be relegated to special teams duty. A role many players have utilized until the team finds a better fit for them.

What Atlanta gets in James Rodgers is a guy who had 222 career receptions while at Oregon State, the all-time leader in all-purpose yards at OSU (6,377), he was the first player to record 2,000 yards receiving and 1,000 yards rushing, and 3rd all-time in touchdown receptions (19).

Not a bad line of statistics for someone who had to miss the whole 2010 season after suffering a devastating knee injury that threatened his football career.

While the jury is still out on whether or not James will have an impact at the professional level it was a great day in Beaver Nation to see a former Beaver like him signed by an NFL team; it certainly made matters better considering it was the team his younger brother played for as well.

However, there is one thing that is certain: there’s no doubt we know who the Rodgers’ family will be rooting for come Sundays this Fall.


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