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5 Reasons Why Oregon State Lost Badly to California

The nightmare of the Oregon State season continued in the City by the Bay on Saturday night with a 23-6 loss to Cal.


With the loss the Beavers fell to 2-8 and lost their 3rd straight game and on the other side of the coin the Golden Bears became bowl eligible for the first time in 2 years.

Here are 5 reasons why the Beavers lost badly to the Golden Bears.

1. OSU’s run defense was terrible

Terrible may be an understatement for how bad the Beavers’ run defense was, as Cal rushed for 296 yards in the game and RB Isi Sofele rushed for a career-high 190 yards averaging 8.3 yards per carry.

Sofele had a 56-yard run and a 20-yard TD run in the game.

Cal Isi Sofele

Isi Sofele had a 56-yard run and a 20-yard TD run in the game.

It could have even been much worse for the Beavers, as the Golden Bears had 3 rushing TD’s negated by penalties.

2. 2 HUGE turnovers in the 2nd half

The Beavers killed themselves committing 2 turnovers in the 2nd half with both inside the Cal 5 yard line.

Cal CB D.J. Campbell had a pass interception at the 4-yard line and Cal S Sean Cattouse recovered a fumble at the 3- yard line.

3. Beavers’ QB Sean Mannion got no help

Mannion passed for 247 yards, but he had 0 TD passes and 2 INT.

His WR’s dropped several passes that killed drives and the rushing defense did nothing to help him out rushing for a grand total of 27 yards, which was OSU’s 2nd lowest output of the season.


2nd lowest?

4. 3rd and 4th down conversions

It helps to keep drives alive by converting when it counts and the Beavers did not do that going 3/11 on 3rd down conversions and failing to convert on their only 4th down conversion.

5. OSU was killed in the time of possession battle

 The Golden Bears dominated the Beavers in the time of possession game having the ball for 36:24 while OSU only had the ball for 23:36.

In the 2nd quarter Cal QB Zach Maynard took the Golden Bears 96 yards down the field to score a TD and that drive took 9 minutes off the clock.

Next Up: Oregon State is at home in their next game and they face a Washington team that has lost 2 straight.

I wouldn’t count on the Beavers to add to their win total facing the Huskies, as both of UW’s losses in the last couple of weeks have come to solid teams, which OSU is not.         

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