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Oregon State Beavers fall camp ends & 2012 depth chart released

Roster Finally Comes Together

In tow with the rest of the Pac-12, Mike Riley has officially released the OSU Beavers depth chart for Nicholls State.

For the most part, there’s not many surprises. The Beavers will feature a fast and dangerous offense, with the majority of their weaknesses at defense.

Here’s a look at OSU’s depth chart for the 2012 season.

Beaver Offense

QB: Sean Mannion, So., 6-5, 212

No surprises here. Unlike last year, there shouldn’t be any confusion as the season goes on.

This isn’t 2011 when Katz was supplanted. Sean Mannion is miles ahead of the competition and could come on as the Beaver’s greatest weapon. Long as he’s healthy, he’s starting all 12 games.

RB: Storm Woods, Fr-RS, 6-0, 202

The biggest question going into the season was who starts in the backfield. Mike Riley hasn’t disappointed with his decision.

Wood, a reshirt freshman last year, was the offensive player of the year for the redshirt squad. Though he’s not the Beaver’s most experienced running back, you could make an argument for him being the most talented.

A compact back in the mold of a Rodgers, Woods is certainly an upgrade entering 2012.

Split End: Markus Wheaton, Sr., 6-1, 182, Richard Mullaney, Fr-RS, 6-3, 191

Slotback: Kevin Cummings, Jr., 6-1, 181, Obum Gwacham, So., 6-5, 224

Flanker: Brandin Cooks, So., 5-10, 179, Micah Hatfield, Jr., 6-1, 180

TE: Colby Prince, Sr., 6-5, 257, Connor Hamlett, So., 6-7, 259

markus wheaton

It’s no surprise that the receiving corp is the Beaver’s greatest strength.

It’s no surprise that the receiving corp is the Beaver’s greatest strength. Wheaton and Cooks should do plenty of damage all season long. While the slotbacks aren’t overly talented, their strengths make them able role players.

Mullaney’s name may surprise some, but by season’s end they’ll understand. The talented wideout was considered by many as the Beaver’s top recruit for 2011, and he won’t disappoint.

Tight end is a thin spot for the Beavs, and it’ll be less utilized than seasons pasts. Despite his strong dedication to the team, Riley has slotted talented freshman Caleb Smith as his third-stringer.

LT: Michael Phillip, Jr., 6-4, 315, Derek Nielsen, So., 6-4, 286

LG: Josh Andrews, Jr., 6-3, 297, Josh Mitchell, Fr., 6-2, 274

C: Isaac Seumalo, Fr., 6-3, 302, Roman Sapolu, So., 6-2, 284

RG: Grant Enger, Jr. 6-6, 293, Jake Welch, Fr-RS, 6-2, 320

RT: Colin Kelley, Jr., 6-5, 295, Gavin Andrews, Fr., 6-5, 324

Over the last two seasons, the Beavers have struggled at the line of scrimmage. While they still lack depth and experience on the offensive line, this underrated bunch should show another year of improvement.

The biggest addition is 5-star recruit Isaac Seumalo. Despite his freshman status, the big guy was a no brainer for the starting center.

Beaver Defense

DE: Scott Crichton, So., 6-3, 263, John Braun, Jr., 6-5, 283

DT: Castro Masaniai, Sr., 6-3, 354, Joe Lopez, So., 6-0, 273

DT: Andrew Seumalo, Sr., 6-4, 290, Mana Rosa, Jr., 6-3, 276

DE: Dylan Wynn, So., 6-2, 265, Rudolf Fifita, Sr., 6-3, 263

OSU was horrid against the run in 2011, and there’s not much improvement for 2012. It’ll be up to veteran Andre Seumalo to rally the troops behind him.

Crichton will be the x-factor. How he steps forward into 2012 will dictate how much strong the d-line is in the upcoming season.

SAM LB: D.J. Welch, So., 6-2, 225, Jabral Johnson, So., 6-1, 234

MLB: Feti Taumoepeau, Sr., 6-1, 248, Rueben Robinson, Sr., 6-3, 253

WILL LB: Michael Doctor, Jr., 6-0, 223, Shaydon Akuna, So., 6-2, 245

Nothing new to report here. The Beavers return three strong starters from last season. All three of these big linebackers play tough defense, and they’ll do well to represent lineback-U this season.

It’s worth nothing that Feti Taumoepeau is Feti Unga, playing under his mother’s name in 2012.

CB: Jordan Poyer, Sr., 6-0, 190, Brian Watkins, Sr., 5-9, 185

SS: Anthony Watkins, Sr., 6-1, 217, Tyrequek Zimmerman, So., 6-0, 206

Mike Riley

Mike Riley’s 2012 squad appears stronger than last season.

FS: Ryan Murphy, So., 6-3, 213, Peter Ashton, Fr-RS, 6-1, 206

CB: Rashaad Reynolds, Jr., 5-11, 186, Mishawn Cummings, So., 5-10, 190

The d-backs were weak in 2011, and they’ll be weak again in 2012. Riley has been desperate to shore up his depth here, even going as far as playing RB Jovan Stevenson at cornerback.

Despite their weaknesses, the Beavers can still rely on Jordan Poyer. The dynamic cornerback is a stud at shutting down passing games, and the only way this group holds together is around him.

Beaver Special Teams

P: Keith Kostol, So., 6-3, 189

PAT/KO: Trevor Romaine, So., 6-0, 200

PR: Jordan Poyer, Sr., 6-0, 190

KOR: Malcolm Marable, So., 5-7, 172

No surprises here. The one big difference is that Poyer won’t be backing up on kickoff returns, but instead the Beavers will utilize Brandin Cooks—not a bad trade off.

Thick and Thin

Overall, underrated bunch that could be one of the big surprises in the Pac-12. The 2012 squad appears stronger than last season.

There’s overwhelming strength in the offense. The o-line should be stronger than last season. Combined with Woods, the running game could once again become a game changer. The air-attack is as strong as it’s ever been at OSU.

The Beavs are thinnest at defense. While they feature a strong corp of linebackers and some standouts, they remain weak at the line and thin in the backfield. If the starters can remain healthy things should go smoother than 2011.

However, any hiccups could easily put a kink in the Beaver’s season.


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