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Beaver Nation gameday – Things to love about the Reser Stadium experience

What makes football at OSU so great?

For a football program as old as the OSU Beavers, there are surprisingly few stadium traditions.

There are no Nike endorsed slogans about “winning” days. No oddly colored turf invoking memories of childhood cartoons. Real life mascots don’t stampede down the field—granted, watching a Beaver waddle across the gridiron would be pretty darn cute.

Despite a lack of “tradition” Reser Stadium still invokes a countless amount of charm, tenacity and zeal as the foreground to Beaver football.

Here’s just a few of the things that make football at Reser Stadium so amazing.

The Football Thingy

In terms of football sculpturey you can’t get much more ugly or confusing then this thing.

Reser Stadium Football Statue

Yes, I said triangles.

Sitting in front of Reser Stadium’s east entrance sits one artists minimalist homage to football. In essence it’s a giant wire framed football coated in color-mismatched Xs and triangles.

Yes, I said triangles.

As any football fan knows, coaches often uses Xs and Os when writing up plays. This artist was apparently not a football fan.

Despite it’s strange and hideous nature, the eyesore is a staple of OSU football culture. Many a fan has met friends and family by the piece of “art,” or been welcomed by it’s multi-colored—not orange and black—glow at the conclusion of a night game.

It’s a rainbow of confusion, but it’s OSU’s rainbow of confusion.

The Weather

Not familiar with Oregon? Let me fill you in.

We have long winters, wet springs, short summers and beautiful falls. Yes, it’s been known to rain from time to time, but it’s not as awful as it’s made out to be.

Not familiar with Corvallis? Here’s all you need to know.

Corvallis is a small town nestled neatly within the Willamette Valley—meaning it gets quite a bit of wind at times. For the most part, fall is pretty mild. It has sunny days, blisteringly cold days and raining days.

OSU Beavers Cheerleader

No matter the song, nothing pumps up a Beaver fan like the Cheerleaders…I mean players entrance…

Throughout it all is the gorgeous foliage. Sitting high atop Reser you can look out on the town and see a myriad of colors painting the trees.

In summary, Oregon has some of the best football weather in the country.

The Players Entrance

For my first two years of college it was Thunderstruck. For the last two it was Crazy Train.

No matter what song is playing nothing pumps up a Beaver fan like the players entrance.

Usually it begins with a quick montage of big plays and hard hits being played across the jumbo screen. This is accompanied by “pump up” music—such as the songs listed above. Throughout it all the stadium is silent, each fan sucking in the awesome atmosphere.

Then BOOM, as the fireworks blast from center field and the team comes cascading into the stadium from the north endzone.

The silence breaks as the crowd of 44,000—tiny by college football standards—erupts into a unanimous hooting and hollering.

It’s game time baby!

The Pac-12’s Oldest Band

I’ve never been a huge fan of halftime shows.

Even in highschool when my wife—then girlfriend—was on dance team I only half paid attention.

Anyone who has seen a game at OSU knows about the halftime shows.

Reser Stadium

There’s nothing like an OSU Beavers football halftime show at Reser!

The band takes the field and for 15-20 minutes does some synchronized routine.

Throughout it all is Reser’s PA announcer, who I’m pretty sure is contractually obligated to mention a minimum of five times per routine that OSU is “the oldest band in the Pac-12.”

Like I said, not a huge fan of halftime shows, but I’ve always enjoyed the ones at OSU.

Over the years, I’ve seen the entire band and a cast of ghouls perform thriller, a lightsaber battle midfield as Star Wars music played and an awesome tribute to all the teams in the Pac-12—complete with synchronized school insignias and music that embodied each universities location.

The show is your normal band-on-the-field kind of show, but the things they do have always been interesting and entertaining. What else would you expect from the oldest band in the Pac-12?


It starts with different sections of fans chanting a letter of the University’s initials, and ends with a resounding “*Insert College Name* FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!” Every section of fans is like a well oiled machine, hitting their assigned letter like clockwork.

The end product is loud, encompassing and blood boiling.

I’m sure it’s a cliche chant that has been restructured for multiple Universities across the country. Well, it doesn’t matter.

For those final minutes in Reser before game time, no other school matters.

The chant is ours. Beaver Nation owns it and we own the field.

Reser Stadium You Tube Video


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    Thanks for this post Jon. I’ve never been to Corvallis but this article makes me want to come down for a game sometime. Go Beavs. (Well after the Dawgs!) LOL

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