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The five players I wish still played football for my OSU Beavers

Can We Turn Back Time?

The OSU Beavers have a storied past. It’s filled with amazing players, both at the college and NFL level. Names like Jackson, Anderson, Rodgers and even Johnson/Ochocinco.

With so many memorable players, it’s almost unfair to be asked to pick five of the most desirable.

Offensively, the Oregon State Beavers have some great pieces in Sean Mannion, Marcus Wheaton and Brandin Cooks. Even so, how can one resist the allure of Mannion throwing passes to T.J. Houshmandzadeh?

Jordan Poyer is a great leader in the secondary, but is he better than Sabby Piscitelli?

Here’s a list of five players who would look great back in orange and black.

5. Dwan Edwards

The Beavers need a lot of defensive help, especially at the line. Who better to lend a hand than Dwan Edwards?

Edwards played under Dennis Erickson, and was part of a 2000 squad that allowed just 93 rushing yards a game. He finished his collegiate career at OSU with 12.5 sacks and 159 tackles. Edwards was also a two time All Pac-10 player.

Edwards made a living off the line with his quick step, but he was also a leader. He was a multi-year captain, and garnered respect from a defensive unit filled with great young men.

Dwan Edwards

Who better to lend a hand at OSU than Dwan Edwards?

If on the team today I’m sure he’d clean up the act of the current OSU secondary, while providing a clog for the middle of the field.

4. Richard Seigler

While we’re on the subject of those great defensive units of the 2000’s, how can any Beaver fan not wish for the return of Richard Seigler.

Here’s his resume for you: sole freshman starter on 2000 championship team, two time Pac-10 defensive all-star, two time team captain; 356 tackles (4th all-time OSU), 53 tackles for loss (1st all-time OSU), 7 sacks, 17 broken up passes and 9 interceptions.

When one looks at the stats and accolades you could easily make an argument that Richard Seigler was the best linebacker to ever play at OSU. His stats say it all, and he was clearly a force to be reckoned with.

3. Steven Jackson

This was a toss up between two great players: Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers. Even though ‘Quizz did indeed have a better career in orange and black, he also had a head start—getting 259 carries as a freshman vs. Jackson’s 74. When you factor that in, the choice is easy.

By pure stats alone, Jackson is the best NFL product to come out of OSU. He has over 9,000 career rushing yards, encompassing seven straight seasons of 1,000 or more. He also has over 3,000 receiving yards, and 60 total touchdowns (52 rushing, 8 receiving).

Outside of the NFL, Jackson was amazing in his time at OSU. Between 2002-2003, he rushed for 3,235 yards and 34 touchdowns. Tacked onto that are 675 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.

The 2011 squad ranked as one of the worst rushing teams in the conference. How better to fix that than bring back the best running back to ever play for the program?

2. Stephen Paea

The OSU defense needs helps, especially on the run. Now Edwards was a good clog, and Seigler a good everything, but neither quite fits the Beaver’s needs like Stephen Paea.

Paea is the epitome of a game changer. In his three seasons with the Beavers, Paea accumulated 129 tackles—29.5 for loss—and 14 sacks. As the defense started to deteriorate, Paea was the sole standout holding the unit together.

Sammie Stroughter

Come on?! This is Sammie Stroughter I'm talkin about!

In 2010—Paea’s final season as a Beav—he was the Pac-10 Defensive POY while making the All-American and All-American Pac-10 teams.

As stated above, the current defense stinks at the line. They can’t hold back runners and, outside of Scott Crichton, have trouble putting pressure on the passer. There’s no one I’d rather have leading a corp of explosive linemen than Stephen Paea; the strongest man to ever play at OSU.

1. Sammie Stroughter

The No. 1 guy I’d like to have back at OSU would have to be Sammie Stroughter.

No, he doesn’t fit any immediate need for the current Beavers. They’re pretty set at wide receiver and have a fine corp of return men. But, come on?! This is Sammie Stroughter.

There was nothing quite like sitting in the stands before every kickoff, every punt, slamming your feet into the bleacher.


His athleticism was explosive, his good nature contagious; and, he was no pushover on the field.

Stroughter averaged 16.2 yards per catch as a Beaver. His best seasons came in ’06 and ’08, two seasons in which he combined for 2,333 yards and 12 TDs on 144 catches.

He was a master of the return game. His 145 returns accumulated 1,612 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The gridiron was always that much more exciting with Sammie on the field. You never knew if he’d be catching a pass for 60 yards, or bringing a return back for a touchdown.

I would give anything to see another season of Sammie Stroughter flying in orange and black.


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