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My favorite Oregon St. Beavers websites on the www

Painting the WWW Orange and Black

If you’re like me, your web browser is filled with sports site.

However, in the world of information exchange it’s easy to get lost in all your options. I can google Oregon St. Beavers and end up with plenty of trash hits amongst the gems.

So, how do you find the diamonds in so much rough?

You’ve already achieved step 1: find someone else who has scavenged the internet for your interests. Now time for step 2: read the article and be enlightened on all things OSU Beavers.

OSU Beavers Cheerleader

These sites are sure to keep you in-the-loop with Beaver athletics.

1. North West Sports Beat (nwsportsbeat.com)

Fans in the North West are some of the most loyal and passionate that I have ever seen. Written off as coffee drinking hipsters with no interest in sports, perceptions couldn’t be further than the truth.

So, what better than a site in which all your North West sports are bundled together?

I remember how stoked I was when I found out about nwsportsbeat.com, and for a site that—at the time—was just a few months old it was incredibly polished.

Content wise you’d be hard pressed to find any better.

The NWSB team is filled with passionate fans who still understand what it means to have a non biased view. The articles are engaging, creative and up to the minute.

Though it’s still coming together, the OSU team is filled with some great writers who love their Beavers—myself included.

If looking for a fan’s perspective, men’s hoops and football stats, roster news, schedules, standings, breaking news or game recaps there’s no sports site better for your OSU Beaver interests.

Beavers Home Page   Beavers CFB Blog  Beavers CBB Blog   Beavers Forums

2. Cliff Kirkpatrick’s Blog (cliffkirkpatrick.mvourtown.com)

A writer for the local Corvallis Gazette, Cliff Kirkpatrick is right there in the University trenches.

The majority of Kirkpatrick’s writing is done on his blog. Though it covers all OSU Beaver news, his primary focus is on football.

Despite writing for a small town newspaper, I find Kirkpatrick one of the best writers of all things OSU. He’s always on top of the latest Beaver news, and is right around the corner from all the action.

If you’re looking for a local writer who really knows how to cover the program, look no further than Cliff Kirkpatrick.

3. Beaver Blitz (oregonstate.rivals.com)

A branch off the Yahoo Sports tree, Beaver Blitz doesn’t cover too much on the team’s day-to-day performance. However, they do cover recruiting and prospects.

This site is a treasure trove of up-to-date information on all things Oregon State recruiting. They’ve got links to player profiles with ratings, stats and scouting reports.

Though the content is good year round, it’s best in Spring as the recruiting process is winding down. They’re constantly on top of the news and have some great opinions on the new crop of Beavers.

4. Sports Reference/College Football (sports-reference.com/cfb)

Sean Mannion

Sean Mannion will definitely be garnishing headlines this 2012 season.

I’m a huge stat head. When it comes to college football statistics, they can be hard to dig up. Well, look no further than the Holy Grail that is the sports reference network.

Using their college football pages, Beaver fans can find 94 years of game outcomes and team information.

Want to dig a little deeper? In the more recent years you can check out box scores for the games.

The other great thing about sports reference is the stats. Though a lot of older players have incomplete stats, it’s not too hard to track down the performances of more recent players—not to mention team leaders.

Can’t remember who threw for more yards, Derek Anderson or Sean Canfield? Just head over to sports reference.

5. CBSsportsline (cbssports.com)

If I’m going to use any generic, national, sports website it would have to be CBS Sports Line.

Sure, ESPN is the fancier house on the block. They’re also filled with privatized articles that force you to pay money to subscribe.

That’s why I love CBS. First off, all their articles are free. Second, they’re just as good as ESPN—whether you’re looking for game recaps, team leaders or breaking news.

It’s also, in my mind, cleaner and easier to navigate than ESPN.

If you’re looking for a generic sports site, none better than cbssportsline.com.


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