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Arizona St. Sun Devils vs. Beavers: Love ’em & hate ’em style

OSU avoids slipper slope, beats Sun Devils

The Beavers recover from a horrific first quarter and dominate the final three, pulling out a 36-26 win over the Sun Devils.

Love ’em

Running game

The running game was alive and well tonight. Unlike the Washington game, they found an early rhythm, and the rest was history.

Malcolm Agnew had a pedestrian night, rushing for 21 yards on seven carries. But he was fantastic blocking on the edges, and helped a struggling o-line.

Terron Ward broke this game open, rushing for 149 yards on 19 carries and one touchdown. On top of that were Ward’s three kick returns for 78 yards.

Mike Riley adjusted his game plan early on and leaned on his tailbacks. Even without Storm Woods, Beaver’s rushing ruled the game.

Markus Wheaton

You’d think I’d get tired of talking about Markus Wheaton week after week, but that’s just never going to happen.

No. 2 didn’t finish as the Beaver’s leading receiver tonight, but when it counted he made the biggest plays. Wheaton finished with four catches for 108 yards, three carries for 57 yards and two touchdowns (both through the air).

Apparently he’s recovered from that concussion just fine.

Michael Doctor

On a night when the Beaver’s secondary was looking thin without Jordan Poyer (knee injury), Michael Doctor stepped it up.

Doctor played his traditional outside linebacker, but he was often called on to cover receivers. He did a fantastic job in coverage, tipping passes and suffocating receivers.

And when he wasn’t playing in the backfield, he was in on every other play, finishing with five tackles and two passes defended.

Hate ’em

That first quarter

The first quarter of this game is the ugliest Beavers football I’ve seen all season long.

Utah scored on a defensive touchdown, offensive touchdown and a safety. They manhandled Cody Vaz, tossing him around like a rag doll. Not to mention the two fumbles.

Defensively, things weren’t much better. The Sun Devils came out and owned with that hurry up offense.

Terron Ward

This game belongs to Terron Ward. Photo: The Oregonian

ASU looked unstoppable in that first quarter, but luckily the Beavs were able to settled down. None the less it was some ugly football, and against better competition OSU probably wouldn’t have come back.

O-line mowed

Coming out against the Pac-12’s leader in team sacks, the offensive line looked owned through most of the night.

The Beavers allowed six sacks tonight. They had two fumbles, both by quarterback Cody Vaz under heavy pressure. Then there was that blocked punt for a safety, when no one picked up the obviously uncovered man.

Oregon State was pretty solid picking up the blitzes, and defended the edges very nicely. But when they weren’t letting Will Sutton manhandle them, the line was doubling him up and leaving holes for other defenders.

Injuries starting to rear

First Sean Mannion with his knee, and now others are starting to go down. Are these the Beavers, or the Blazers?!

Both Poyer and Woods sat out of the game with lingering knee issues.

Woods had light practice throughout the week, but wasn’t ready to go. Poyer didn’t practice, and coach Riley decided not to play him.

Lucky for the Beavers, depth on offense has helped cover the injuries. But OSU’s final two games are going to be hard to win without Poyer in the backfield.


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