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Civil War Week 2011: 5 things I hate about Oregon Football

Civil War Smack Talk

Okay, we all know that there a few teams in sports that fans love to hate. The New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Oakland Raiders and the Philadelphia Flyers.

99.9% of the Beavers Nation and I think it’s time to add a new team that list — the Oregon Ducks.


Since the millennium, Oregon football has been on the rise. The Eugene Machine has steamrolled opponents, winning conference titles in 2000, 2001, 2009 and 2010 while earning multiple BCS bowl berths, including a trip to the 2010 Rose Bowl and the 2011 BCS National Championship Game.

They have also had their fair share of Heisman Trophy finalists, a Doak Walker award winner, and have broken and set lots of NCAA records along the way.

OSU Beavers

I hate Ducks!

But its more than the team’s recent success, arrogance, and irritating constant uniform changes that has people hating them.

Especially, Oregon State Beaver fans.

Reason No. 5

The Oregon Duck mascot that does pushups after every time the team scores. One push up for each point. This is friggin’ annoying. We don’t need to see a close up and hear television commentators trying to figure out how many push-ups “the duck” has done so far in the game, or the season.

So you’re name is the Ducks, why not go out and rip off Disney’s Donald’s likeness right? No, because no one is intimidated by a duck for God’s sake.

The AFLAC duck has more personality, enough already!

Reason No. 4

Phil Knight and Nike.

He’s like the rich grandpa that spoils his grandchildren whenever they come to his house. But in the case, the Oregon Ducks actually live in the house that Phil built.

The ubber-rich co-founder of Nike has contributed large sums of money for upgrades to Autzen Stadium, built Matthew Knight Arena, a new football operations building, and many other buildings on campus.

Oregon fans love him like an adopted Donald Trump, but Oregon Sate fans really wish Knight would quit trying to buy the Ducks another Championship.

Stop it, our I will buy Adidas!

Reason No. 3

Stop changing uniforms its driving everyone crazy!

OSU Beavers Cheerleader

Oh & Our Cheerleaders Are Hotter Too! Face the Facts Ducks!

All we hear about is the more than 100 or so uniform combinations the Ducks have, thanks again, to Grandpa Phil Knight who by now must surely have a small textile factory staffed by 10-year Pakistani and Cambodian children making shoes, clothing and footballs on the Oregon campus.

In 2000, Oregon students protested that Nike should have random inspections of their factories, but still accepted Knight’s dirty money.

Have you no shame?

Reason No. 2

Player attitudes. Of course. Oregon fans call it “swagger”, but OSU fans can recognize a rude attitude when they see it. You can blame Chip Kelly for this one.

Looks like one annoying coach’s snarky remarks has rubbed off on the entire program. Take Cliff Harris for example. Even if all he did was refer to the BCS National Championship Game as “The Natty,” that’d be enough for most fans to instantly hate the Ducks.

But referring to Oregon State as Oregon’s “little brother.” War’s have been started for less.

Reason No. 1

Finally the No. 1 Reason Beaver fans hate the Oregon Ducks is, well, their annoying fans.

They just won’t shut up, while displaying small vaginas with their hands–everywhere.

They waft duck bill-shaped noise makers at the games that make a duck quacking sound when you blow through them. So the stands are always filled with tens of thousands of quack addicts.

From the student section to the alums, there is no rhyme or reason for their behavior. It’s not like they’ve won a Rose Bowl or anything? Just bad breeding, I guess.      

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