Dam This! Five reasons the Ducks can’t stand Beavers…

Damming the State

There are to things that every Oregon Ducks fan hates above everything else: huskies and beavers.

While there is still much debate as to which creature is hated more, the Oregon State Beavers present a viable alternate for those Washington born Duck fans who may have said “Go Huskies” one too many times before becoming a boisterous, competitive, and proud fan of the Ducks of Oregon.

Ducks and Beavers are not meant to get along; not in nature and not in sporting contests. In nature, Ducks are free-roaming, exploring creatures who explore the rivers, streams, and lakes that communities have to offer. 

Beavers dam them up and create natural problems that ruin the ecosystem of certain areas. In the sporting arena, the Ducks and the Beavers participate in one of the greatest rivalries to ever grace the northwest and perhaps the entire United States.

For fans of the Ducks, orange and black have become colors that you never cheer for nor mix. Every time you pass by a sign that says Corvallis, you shiver to think of what all your Beaver enemies are concocting next.

Are they trying to find a way to beat the Ducks for the first time in five years in football? Are they all going to assume a naked four point stance and charge down to Eugene (for those of you who laughed at this, thank you)?

No matter the reason, Oregon Duck fans just cannot stand Oregon State Beaver fans, no matter where they may encounter them.

Here are five reasons why:

Giant killers

If there is one thing that the Beavers are good at that annoys Duck fans, it has to be winning games that spoil Duck football seasons.

Civil War

There is not pity for the Oregon State Beavers if you are a Duck fan – (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Though they have been unable to accomplish this in recent years, there was a time that the Beavers favorite thing to do was to dash Oregon’s hopes of great success.

One such season came in the 2007 campaign where the Ducks had one of their best and most memorable seasons in school history. Despite losing quarterback Dennis Dixon to injury previously in the year and missing out on a national title, the Ducks still had high hopes of beating their in-state rivals at Autzen Stadium, a win that would see them finish in third in the Pac 10.

Instead, the Beavers came into Autzen and spoiled the Ducks’ chance of creating any significance from a 2007 season that once saw the Ducks in contention for their first ever national championship appearance.

They think they are relevant

One of the most annoying things to Duck fans in the past four years in terms of the Oregon State Beavers is that they still think they are relevant when talking about Pac 12 powerhouses.

Sure, they were in contention for two Rose Bowls in a row, but in both games the Ducks outplayed you and set you in your place. The two years after that, the Beavers have been middle-of-the-pack at best.

The Oregon State Beavers like to believe they are the Oregon Ducks; they try to develop a national fanbase that just is not there. The Oregon Ducks are the nationally branded team, the Beavers are just the hipsters waiting in the shadows, thinking people really care about them.

Believe that all you want Beaver fans, the Oregon Ducks know that they are the team that is nationally relevant.

They bring down the state of Oregon

Another main consequence of the Beavers being associated on the same level of the Ducks is that many people across the nation use one program to evaluate the talent level of an entire state’s programs.

Unfortunately for the Ducks, the Beavers lack of success and general irrelevance have made it hard at times for the Ducks to come away with enough credit for the pollsters to really love them in any sport. Though the Ducks have marketed themselves across the nation successfully and gained quite a national audience, there was a time when their small affiliation with the Beavers brought the Ducks down as people questioned just how good the state of Oregon was in terms of athletic competition.

Think of it as judgment by associations. Since the Beavers are in the state of Oregon and are not that relevant/good, other teams in the state (such as the Ducks) are judged on the same level.

For every success the Ducks have, it is unfortunately weighted down by the awfulness of the Beavers.

The Chainsaw

For any Duck fan that has been to an event at Oregon State, the Beavers love to mimic a chainsaw whenever something good happens for their team.

This is plain annoying and stupid.

Creative, very creative, Beavers. (Photo Credit: Portland Mercury)

A beaver is not a chainsaw and nothing that he does or will ever do sounds like a chainsaw. Sure, they may come to the same conclusion, but they use entirely different methods of getting there.

Besides trees falling down, there is no similarity between a beaver and a chainsaw.

Get it right.

They could be a rising threat

In all respect to the Oregon State Beavers, part of the reason that the Oregon Ducks can’t stand the Beavers is because in the back of their minds they knew they were once an athletic program like the Beavers.

It was not too long ago that the Beavers and the Ducks were held on the same level.

For many Duck fans, the Beavers present a clear and present danger to their national dominance, as their programs are steadily rising as the Ducks continue to rise as well.

To many Ducks fans, the Beavers are like a little brother waiting to hit his growth spurt and overtake his big brother.

Though it is hard to see the day coming soon, you can be rest assured that Duck fans all across the nation despise the Beavers because of the potential for Oregon State to be a great program.

Duck fans can see the inner-workings of Oregon State and the development occurring around Corvallis, and it worries them.

And so, Duck fans, keep on hating those Beavers.

And Beaver fans, I’m sure you will continue hating those Ducks.

In the end, this bitter blood feud gives us one of the best college rivalries in the nation and a lot of entertainment whenever you see a Duck and Beaver crossing each other on the street.


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