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Oregon Ducks football: The five worst uniform combinations

Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

The Oregon Ducks have become known for many things throughout the years, but their numerous uniform combinations appear to be near the top of the list.

The team has showcased some of the best looking combinations that college football has to offer, but with so many possibilities, you’re bound to find a few misses among the many hits they’ve discovered over the years.

5) Sun Bowl: Oregon vs. Minnesota (2003 Season)

Ducks fans have a tendency to like the extreme, but this look might have been a little too much for the Oregon faithful. The classic green helmet was easy to look at, but the all-yellow uniform that lacked any semblance of creative design made a Sun Bowl loss that much more difficult to swallow in 2003.

Oregon vs. Minnesota

#5. Ugly - 2003 Sun Bowl (Photo Tom Hauck Getty Images)


4) Oregon vs. Boise State (2008 Season)

The final result of this game was ugly, but the uniforms the Ducks sported might have been even worse.

Darron Thomas, a freshman quarterback at the time, rallied the troops to make it a respectable loss, but down big most of the game, the team couldn’t muster a comeback big enough to make fans feel good about what they’d seen at Autzen Stadium that afternoon.

Oregon vs Boise St.

Blount hurdles a Bronco. (Photo Credit: AP)


3) War of the Roses: Oregon vs. Oregon State (2009 Season)

On Sept. 26, the Ducks revealed a throwback uniform against the California Golden Bears that resembled the team’s attire from the 1990’s—it looked fantastic.

On Dec. 3, against the Oregon State Beavers, the team went with a new-meets-old combination that was unfortunate at best.

Mixing the green throwback jersey of the 90’s with the fresh white pants of today was strange, but the seldom-used helmet, which can only be described as something between yellow and orange, put the uniform over the top.

Many fans have good feelings for this look because of the victory that took place that night, but if you detach yourself from the positive emotions of the game, you’ll realize that it was a display that simply made no sense.

OSU vs. Oregon

2009 Civil War (Photo Credit: Bruce Ely The Oregonian)


2) Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon vs. BYU (2006 Season)

The Ducks made it to the Las Vegas Bowl in the 2006 season, but unfortunately for the team and their fans, the final score was just as ugly as the uniforms they sported on national television.

The gleam of the yellow helmet should have balanced out the jersey’s bright yellow numbers, but in the 38-8 loss against BYU, it was more of a distraction than a complement to the otherwise neutral look they sported on the field that day.

2006 Las Vegas Bowl

Ducks QB Brady Leaf what is that? (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


1) Oregon vs. Arizona State (2008 Season)

There’s just something nauseating about yellow pants, isn’t there?

The Ducks visited Tempe, Ariz. in 2008, and the yellow pants came out in bizarre fashion. With no yellow to be found anywhere else on the team’s uniform, the yellow pants almost looked as if the team manager packed the wrong attire.

Luckily for the Ducks, the team dodged the laughs by avoiding a national television audience and dominating the game from start to finish.

U of O vs. ASU 2008

Jeremiah Masoli in a truly awful uniform. (Photo by Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic)


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  • MrNiceGuy

    I had forgotten most of those unis and for good reason. You brought back some bad memories and I must say, you’re assessment of the unis was spot on. Less yellow and more green.

    • Na, I could pull off wearing any of those jerseys, & look good in any one of them. I have 3 myself; white (#1), black (#21), & a yellow (#5) that all have the wings on the shoulders. I want to add the green with, “Duck Nation’s Mascot”, on the shoulders, instead of the green with the wings, again & get the Donald Ducks-head instead of the wings next time. I think that one is the hardest one to find.
      I wouldn’t throw them out! There’s no way I would ever do that.

  • olegunny

    Well it an Oregon school, don’t expect normalcy.

    • Duckfan4ever

      wtf is that supposed to mean?!!!

  • phyllis

    I think the White uniforms ar terrible they have the names in white also you can’t read who is who. I like the green with the wings in the shoulders.

  • USCHawai’ian

    As a USC fan, nobody wants to hear from me, but I actually like #3.

    I know, I know, I am a boring traditionalist, but the throwback green jersey with yellow helmet is a classic.

  • TK

    Come on, be serious, the Vegas Bowl uni’s were clearly the most heinous of all of our efforts and the, “Throwbacks,” weren’t nearly as bad as you describe them.

  • MKOL

    I am a duck fan thru and thru….but I completly agree!!!

  • Pity_The_Fool

    When the team has thousands of combinations to choose among and when the team votes on which combo to wear, there’s bound to be some awful combos…

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