• MrNiceGuy

    I had forgotten most of those unis and for good reason. You brought back some bad memories and I must say, you’re assessment of the unis was spot on. Less yellow and more green.

    • Na, I could pull off wearing any of those jerseys, & look good in any one of them. I have 3 myself; white (#1), black (#21), & a yellow (#5) that all have the wings on the shoulders. I want to add the green with, “Duck Nation’s Mascot”, on the shoulders, instead of the green with the wings, again & get the Donald Ducks-head instead of the wings next time. I think that one is the hardest one to find.
      I wouldn’t throw them out! There’s no way I would ever do that.

  • olegunny

    Well it an Oregon school, don’t expect normalcy.

    • Duckfan4ever

      wtf is that supposed to mean?!!!

  • phyllis

    I think the White uniforms ar terrible they have the names in white also you can’t read who is who. I like the green with the wings in the shoulders.

  • USCHawai’ian

    As a USC fan, nobody wants to hear from me, but I actually like #3.

    I know, I know, I am a boring traditionalist, but the throwback green jersey with yellow helmet is a classic.

  • TK

    Come on, be serious, the Vegas Bowl uni’s were clearly the most heinous of all of our efforts and the, “Throwbacks,” weren’t nearly as bad as you describe them.

  • MKOL

    I am a duck fan thru and thru….but I completly agree!!!

  • Pity_The_Fool

    When the team has thousands of combinations to choose among and when the team votes on which combo to wear, there’s bound to be some awful combos…

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