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Oregon shows Intestinal fortitude, Loses wide left!

OOOPS We did it again

The Oregon Ducks for 3 quarters of football got rolled by the USC Trojans.

Wide Receivers dropped balls, running Backs had no vision, and Darron Thomas made slow decisions.


If there is one thing the ducks have that can’t be measured it’s “Guts”.  They never quit, played within the Chip Kelly’s system and kept playing football.

This game easily could have been 58- 14 by the time it was all said an done.

The Oregon Ducks lost by a missed field goal as time expired by Maldonaldo.  The ball was pulled wide left as Oregon’s national title hopes flied past the goal posts into the stands.

Oregon has the best running back tandem in the country, an under rated QB, and a solid defense that swarms the football.

One major flaw in this team has ben the kicking game.

Look back at the Rose Bowl against Ohio State. Multiple times Oregon was within normal field goal range, yet opted to go for it on forth down.  As far back as I can think within this decade, Oregon has not had a legitmate kicker in the punting or field goal game.

This wide left kick, was the single biggest miss in the history of Oregon Football.  It wasn’t just a loss against a major conference rival.

Oklahoma St. lost on a friday nights game against Iowa Stat oOpening he door for Oregon to return to national title hopes.

As the USC Trojan RB fumbled the ball with a minute to go, I said “Here goes Autzen Magic Again”.

Oregon played a flawless foruth quarter of football to put themselves back into postion to beat the Trojans down by 3 points.  David Pualson pulled in a miraculous one handed catch at the goal line that sent the crowd into a frenzy.


Whoops there goes the title!? What does the season have remaining for the Ducks? (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Paulson is another offensive producing TE that is likely to see his number called at the NFL draft.

As a tried and true Duck fan, this has to be one of the hardest losses in history.

Yes we could of rolled over and got our behinds kicked by USC.  That would have been easier to take in this case.

Oregon played it’s tail off to get back within a game winning strike with seconds to go.

If Oregon does nothing else in this off season, it needs to actually recruit an NFL prototype kicker that is reliable. Maldonado’s distance is “ify” from 35 plus yards.  A good coach would take a teams weakness and turn it into a strength.

On a final note, the Duck’s WR’s played a horrible game in the first half.

Josh Huff dropped a forth down wide open screen pass, and again in the third quarter, dropped a wide open slant pass on 3rd down.  Football is a team sport and at any moment in this game, missed plays can be pointed out, especially the last one!

So Oregon’s title hopes went sailing into the stands!  Whatever Bowl game Chip Kelly and the Oregon Ducks get invited to, they need to win.

Oregon hasn’t won a bowl game in several years.  Losses to Ohio St., Auburn and against LSU to start this season (non-bowl) has national football critics saying Oregon can’t win the big game against a strong defensive front.

The critics are right!

If Oregon won out, my money would have been on Oregon to see another title birth.  This game is a hard game to critique.  On one hand I’m proud to see the fight, proud to see no quit, yet disappointed at a lack of easy fundamental football.

What does the season have remaining for the Ducks?

Only time will tell!

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