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New Oregon Ducks uniforms for 2012 just released

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Per a release on their facebook account, the Oregon Ducks have officially unveiled their uniform combos that will be worn from 2012 and beyond.

The release ends all the hype and speculation surrounding the new uniforms and gives Duck fans around the nation yet another opportunity to invest in their favorite college football team.

The New Style

Though these uniforms don’t depart too much from the winged jerseys Oregon has sported the past four season, these new uniforms incorporate more of their Rose Bowl look, a look that was widely acknowledged throughout college football as being innovative and downright awesome.

Here is the banner located on the Win the Day facebook account of the new yellow Oregon jerseys:

The Oregon Ducks will be sporting a new look in 2012, with their new uniform set officially released today. Photo: Oregon Ducks

As of right now there are only previews of the yellow, green, and white uniforms that will be worn by the Ducks, with the green and white ones giving just a little peek into what they will actually look like on gameday.

Though it is just speculation and rumor right now, Oregon should also be showing off a black uniform with silver wings as well as several new helmets. While the helmets will not be as shiny as the liquid metal ones they wore in the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin, most of the helmets should have the same exact design and style that was sported in the game.

And yet, despite all of the flash surrounding the style of the uniform, there is also a lot of change to the material of the uniform.

The New System

Oregon’s new uniforms by Nike are being heralded as the pinnacle of athletic performance material. You can click here for a summary of the many new features being raved about part of the new uniform set.

A brief read of the highlights of the uniform package indicate that these uniforms are designed to be lighter than ever before while also giving Oregon better performance in them as well.

Although the Ducks will have to wait for fan reaction, all indications are pointing to the thought that these uniforms are pretty sweet.

The feathers are a little bit more “manly”, if you will, than their past uniforms and the colors are a little more cohesive than their prior units as well.

Expect to see Oregon roll out a few more previews of the uniforms in the near future and check back often to get the best news about your northwest teams on NW Sports Beat.


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  • Bryant

    Not quite sure how I feel about these yet…

    • Chris Anderson

      I’m excited to see their player release version like they did with the other wing uniforms. Wonder if they’ll have them at post-practice today…

      • Bryant

        Hopefully we get a real good look soon. I’m liking the overall design, but there’s a lot going on with the shoulders—a little too much, if you ask me.

        • Chris Anderson

          Have you checked them out in person? I really was impressed how they were pretty easy to take in up front. The black and silver I feel is a bit much. I’d rather see an all black look.

          • devilrider

            Will the players all be out of jail in time for the opener?

  • Outstanding. Best yet. Thank you Uncle Phil. Definitely will be the envy of every major college program.

  • OU812

    I’m not sure about their ugly uniforms over the years but what Oregon needs to do is “GET A NEW MASCOTT AS WHO THE HECK WANTS TO BE A DAMN DUCK”………..The most LAME nickname/mascott in ALL of college sportsll!!!!!……………….What a freakin JOKE and has been for their existence!

    • Bryant

      The uniforms will come and go—quite frequently, actually—but the mascot will never change. The Duck is here to stay.

    • What the Heck? Be a Duck , NOT A F**k!


  • devilrider

    What will the do once the NCAA gets through with investigating their recruiting violations, among other things. They recruit thugs, who are constantly in trouble with the law. It is a school that should not even be allowed to play in NAIA.

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