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Crazy Quacker’s Oregon football update: Fall camp notes

Practices closed to the Media!

Information on whats happened this far in the Oregon Ducks fall camp is very limited.  In case you haven’t already heard, Chip Kelly has made the decision for all practices to be closed to the media.  CK meets with local reporters after each practice and answers a bombardment of questions.

If you’ve seen these interviews then you’d know he can be very generic with many of his of his answers.

If Chip thinks you’ve asked a dumb question then he’ll let you know with his response, it’s almost a trademark of his coaching style.

From Media and the Duck Fan’s perspective, closed practices are extremely annoying.  The anticipation of the coming season is in full swing and everyone is clawing for answers to some very big questions.

However, from the coaching side of things, I think having closed practices  is a tactical decision.

After all, do you really want USC knowing how well your QB’s are performing or NOT and letting that reporter discuss about the double reverse to Josh Huff you just installed in your redzone package?

However, even with limited information, there are a few things to discuss up to this point in camp.

Oregon’s First Fall Camp Scrimmage

Two a days started this last Saturday with players and coaches citing controlled hitting to limit or prevent injuries.

Then, Tuesday August 14th is Oregon’s first fall camp scrimmage since camp opened August 6th.  Referees will be on hand for 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills.  This will be a big day for the QB battle between Marcus Mariota and Bryan Bennett.

Hopefully CK will give us a little information on how each QB is performing this far, because as of now, we know nothing.

Colt Lyerla missing from camp

Colt Lyerla, the projected TE starter going into this season , has been a no show to camp.  CK has made a statement saying he’s tending to a personal issue, and has said nothing more.

Today Colt Lyerla tweeted “I’m Back”.  So hopefully this is a very good sign.

I wrote a previous article on the importance of Colt Lyerla and the TE position going into this season.  There has been much talk about the lack of depth behind Lyerla and this may be a weekness of this team offensively this year!

Oregon Ducks

Two a days started this last Saturday

Tacoi Sumler Transfers

I previously wrote an article, The WR Rundown, Talking about all the questions at the wide receiver position.

I also talked about Tacoi Sumler, a highly touted receiver known for his blazing 40 yard dash (4.24).   Instantly after fall camp started he made the announcement to everyone’s surprise to immediately transfer from Oregon.

Just recently Appalachian State made the official announcement that Sumler will be playing for the Mountaineers and will be practicing as soon as Wednesday.  Sumler chose to transfer to a Div ii school so he wouldn’t have to sit an entire year.

I find this situation a little odd.  As a freshman, you must anticipate being at the bottom of the depth chart, and cannot expect to come in and start right away.

Coming into a major University like Oregon, a player must understand it may take a couple of years to see the field, unless your DAT!

I hope he made a wise a smart decision.

Oregon gets innovative, again

The University of Oregon has once again been innovative with it’s state of the art social media center, the Quackcave ( #quackcave).

Oregon has the seventh largest social media following in college sports, which doesn’t surprise me.  Even down here in soCal, I run into Duck fans anywhere and everywhere, parks, grocery stores, and even fishing at a lake.

I also happened upon an alumni association event 1000 miles away from campus, where I attend fall Saturday’s quite frequently.

Check out this video of the quackcave and connect today.


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