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Oregon Ducks fall camp ends & 2012 depth chart released

Nothing New on Defense

The 2012 college football season is right around the corner. With the 2012 Rose bowl victory in their back pockets the Ducks are loaded with talent that should make them one of the most dangerous teams in 2012.

On the defense, everybody knew what to expect with Boyett, Clay, Alonso, Jordan, and Lokombo all being returning experienced playmakers.  The question marks are very few on this side of the football.  The defense for the Oregon Ducks has been extremely underrated, with probably the best defense in the Pac-12.

The only position to take note of on the defensive side is sophomore defensive back Brian Jackson. Jackson is replacing Eddie Pleasant at the Rover spot who is asked to be a huge play-maker, whether it’s covering a slot receiver or stopping the run.  He is now a defensive starter in the secondary.

Rose Bowl Champion Oregon Ducks

The Ducks have been kings not only of northwest football but also Pac-12 football (AP Photo/Don Ryan, File)

With Nick Allioti’s rotating scheme on defense, many players see the field and get game experience.  That bodes well from year to year making for very few players with little or no game experience.  Expect to see a solid defense again this year!

Many Surprises on Offense

Wide Receivers

wide receiver

16 Daryle Hawkins, 6-4, 202, Jr. (Omaha, Neb.)

11 Bralon Addison, 5-10, 189, Fr. (Missouri City, Texas)

wide receiver

1 Josh Huff, 5-11, 205, Jr.. (Houston, Texas)

19 Eric Dungy, 6-1, 183, Soph. (Tampa, Fla.)

wide receiver

7 Keanon Lowe, 5-9, 181, Soph. (Portland, Ore.)

23 B.J. Kelley, 6-2, 181, Soph. (Fresno, Calif.)

The most exciting move here is Keanon Lowe.  Lowe winning a starting spot at WR is the most exciting position battle win of this off season.  Rashaan Vaughn was expected to be a starter by many fans.  Note that Vaughn is not even listed on the two deep. I have been expecting a younger player to step up and be the next star and I believe it will be Lowe.

Everyone expected Hawkins and Huff to be atop of the depth chart.  It is good to see Huff healthy and holding himself on top.  He is going to make many plays this year. Hawkins , converted from QB, receives praises from coaches and is the most improved at this position.

The most shocking is Bralon Addison as #2.  Addison was a late recruit in this last class and came in listed as an athlete. Addison is a true freshman and must be a truly gifted football player.  With closed practices, somehow the name Addison was sneaking out to the media as a surprise player of fall camp.  Take note of this name, He is a prime player to follow going into this season.

Eric Dungy, son of Tony Dungy,  has broke into the depth chart as #2.  This is another move that I have been waiting to see and is worthy of noting.

Tight Ends

85 Pharaoh Brown, 6-6, 234, Fr. (Lyndhurst, Ohio)            or

45 Terrence Daniel, 6-6, 245 (Oakland, Calif.)                        or

95 Koa Ka’ai, 6-4, 251, R-Fr. (Honolulu, Hawaii)                   or

15 Colt Lyerla, 6-5, 246, Soph. (Hillsboro)

This is exactly how Chip Kelly has listed the depth chart at tight end.  Really?  This goes to show how much inexperience at Tight End the Ducks have this year.  Colt Lyerla was expected to win the starting job, but for whatever reason he had an excused absence from fall camp for an extended period of time.

Chip Kelly went on the record and said he wasn’t going to hand over the starting job to Colt Lyerla and he had to earn it.  Well it looks like he hasn’t earned it yet.

Considering how much the ducks run the football, this makes me quite nervous.  As any football fan knows, the TE plays a huge role in blocking schemes.


I think I was the last person on the planet to hear Marcus Mariota won the starting job on Friday.  The news spread like wildfire across Twitter, Facebook, and ESPN headlines across TV and the internet.  This was a closely followed and watched QB battle.  At the start of fall camp I wrote, A QB Battle Looms, noting the spring game performances and a pair of youtube interviews.

After watching the spring football game and researching Marioti’s high school game highlights, I knew Bennett had his hands full. I saw something unique in this guys ability to operate the spread offense and It was absolutely no surprise to me that Marrioti won this job.

Marcus Mariota

The Ducks will be bringing in a new quarterback this time around. (Photo OregonLive.com)

I thoughtChip would consider Bennett because he’s a year ahead of Marrioti and it’s been rumored that Bennett may consider transferring next year if he doesn’t win the job.  MM has four full years of eligibility ahead of him being a redshirt freshman.  That means it will take an injury or poor performance by Marrioti for Bennett to ever become the starter at this point.

I am extremely excited to see what kind of player MM can become, yet disappointed for Bennett and how he may feel at this point.  If he does decide to transfer in the future, I would understand where he is coming from.   Backing up these QB’s are Jeff Lockie and Jake Rodriquez.  We’ll wait and see if they use their redshirt this year.

Offensive Line

Left tackle

64 Tyler Johnstone, 6-6, 292, R-Fr. (Chandler, Ariz.)
74 Kyle Long, 6’7″, 311, Sr. (Charlottesville, Va.)

The Left tackle position is the biggest news to report on the O-line.  Kyle long, the son of Howie Long, was expected by fans to win the starting job at this position.  Take not that a R-Fr won the job, Tyler Johnstone. This guy must be super talented to beat out a 311 lb beast. This Oregon offensive line is going to demolish defensive fronts, making gaping holes for for Kenyon Barner and Thomas to blaze through.


The moves Chip kelly made with the initial release of the two deep depth chart answers quite a few questions.

This Oregon team has gone with a youth movement of fast and talented players. We have sophomore De’anthony Thomas, a redshirt freshman QB, a redshirt Left tackle, and three sophomores and a frosh at WR.   If this team is good this year, imagine what the next couple of years is going to bring us, Multiple Championships!

This is quite an exciting time for Oregon Football!


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  • Rykerlovesducks

    Really glad to see the info you posted on Pleasant’s replacement. Pleasant has been so big for the D the last couple (maybe few?) seasons that I was shocked to hear that the Duck’s defense was so highly touted after Pleasant graduated. It’s also nice to see the receivers size, I remember 7-10 years (hell even 3 or 4 years) ago we always said the Ducks recruit speed over size, now they recruit the really big really fast guys. Go Ducks!

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