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Should Oregon fans be worrying about No. 3 BCS ranking?

Cool Your Jets

The Oregon Ducks are 6-0 and flying high atop the Pac-12 halfway through the season.

Though they still have the toughest portion of their schedule ahead of them, many are confident that the Ducks can continue their impressive play throughout the rest of the season, eventually leading to yet another Pac-10/12 Championship and birth in the BCS National Championship game.

As many college football fans already know, the BCS Poll is the poll that determines what two teams will play each other in the BCS National Championship game. While it will be disposed of in favor of a playoff system in two years, the BCS Poll as it stands in comprised of the USA Today Coaches Poll, the Harris Poll, and the Computer Polls.

And, despite being ranked number two in both the USA Today Coaches Poll and the Harris Poll, the Oregon Ducks are once again not favored by the computers, which made them appear in the number three slot in the first BCS Poll of the 2012 college football season behind the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators.

As could have been predicted by just about any fan of college football, Oregon fans were irate with the initial rankings. They cursed the BCS and SEC for placing their beloved team behind a Gators team that has really only faced one quality opponent this season while almost faltering to Texas A&M.

That being said, Duck fans should not be worried as everything will soon start to sort itself out. If the Ducks win-out, simply put, they will make an appearance in the BCS National Championship Game.

Here are the reasons why.

The Ducks have done everything right and have soared to a 6-0 record

Oregon’s Schedule Not Impressive Yet

Just like many other teams in the nation that remain undefeated, the Oregon Ducks have really not faced a top-tier opponent this 2012 college football season.

While they have faced two teams ranked in the top-25 (Arizona and Washington), both those teams now find themselves looking on the outside-in at the polls.

With no big win on their 2012 college football schedule, it is easy to see why the computer are not favoring the Ducks (yet).

Fortunately for Oregon, their second half of  the 2012 season features multiple opponents that should give them a big boost in the computer polls. Games against Arizona State, USC, Stanford, and Oregon State will all help to push Oregon up in the computers and give them a needed boost in the BCS rankings (should they win all of those games).

SEC Teams Play SEC Teams

One of the main reasons that Oregon fans have no reason to worry about the initial BCS Poll is the fact that the SEC teams above Oregon still have to find their way through an SEC schedule that will likely see AT LEAST one of them to a loss.

In fact, Florida still has contests against South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida State still looming on their schedule, and it is tough to imaging that they will come out of those unscathed.

And, even if they do, they will likely meet Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, and there will be no way the pollsters allow a rematch of that contest in the BCS National Championship.

If that does happen, I would give full permission for everybody to boycott college football for an entire season.

Human Polls Still Favor the Ducks

As was mentioned earlier, the Ducks are still ranked number two in both the Coaches Poll and Harris Poll.

Barring a big upset, the Ducks should remain in that number two position for the remainder of the season, thus giving them the needed points to keep a steady position near the top of the BCS Rankings.

Once the Ducks’ computer position improves, they should shoot up to the number two spot with human polls already being in favor of Oregon.

And so, Duck fans, you have no need to be worried about Oregon’s number three ranking in the initial BCS Poll.

If anything, the ranking actually helps the Ducks out as it should motivate them to prove to the nation that they are the team that deserves to be among the top-two programs in college football.

Should the Ducks continue to play their style of football and win out, you will undoubtedly see them playing in their second BCS National Championship Game.


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