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Oregon’s BCS National Championship path

Win the Day

Let’s talk about Oregon’s chances of making the BCS National Championship.

Now, just about everybody in the nation knows how good the Ducks are. After out-dueling and dismantling the USC Trojans on Saturday, the Ducks find themselves at a 9-0 record and right in the thick of the BCS National Championship race.

However, despite being ranked No. 2 in all but the computer polls, the Ducks find themselves on the outside looking in as they sit behind No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Kansas State in the BCS Standings. Looking deeper into this many would believe the Ducks to be a top-two program alongside Alabama.

Though the Crimson Tide are a unanimous number one, many believe that a Ducks vs. Crimson Tide matchup in the BCS National Championship game would culminate in one of the best matchups in the contests’ history.

And yet, as mentioned previously, Kansas State currently occupies the No. 2 position in the BCS Standings. The Wildcats are not a bad team, either. Led by Collin Klein , Kansas State has the potential to be a top-two program in college football.

Whether they are currently there or not is debatable, and many people believe the Wildcats to still be a few steps behind the Ducks and Crimson Tide.

Can the Ducks ascend the BCS Standings and jump into the National Championship come the end of the year? (Photo: oregonlive.com)

As it stands, however, the Ducks are just outside of the BCS National Championship even though they have put up some of the most gaudy numbers in college football history and essentially had no contention in any of their games.

So, many Duck fans ask, what does Oregon need to do to propel themselves into the BCS National Championship for the second time in three years?

Well, here you go.

Win the Day

The most useful thing the Ducks can do to ensure a spot in the BCS Title Game is to continue forwarding Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly’s mantra, win the day.

Though the Ducks cannot control the computers or manipulate them in their favor, they can go out there and win the rest of their games to ensure they have the perfect season that could propel them into college football glory.

This strategy may seem simple (because it really is), but it is effective. Winning the rest of their games will ensure the Ducks are in the picture come the end of the season.

Plus, who knows what will happen with Alabama and Kansas State the rest of the season; Alabama has a big game against Texas A&M this upcoming weekend and Kansas State will be tested against Texas come the latter part of the season.

Also keep in mind that Klein was hurt in the Wildcats’ win over Oklahoma State, an injury that should not prevent him from playing but may limit his effectiveness.

Win the Pollsters

While Oregon cannot do much to sway the minds of the computers (besides winning the rest of their games), one thing the Ducks can do is to continue to attract more and more votes from the human side of the picture. Though there will always be those reluctant to relinquish their votes, just like any voting process, there will be those people on the edge who will have a decisive vote come the end of the season.

Collin Klein and the Kansas State Wildcats have been one of the more impressive teams of the 2012 college footballs season.

Oregon needs to continue to impress the human voters so they may garner more attention at the number two spot than Kansas State, thus separating themselves further from the Wildcats while improving their BCS formula.

Wait for the Computers

Should Oregon finish the season undefeated, many have already predicted that they will improve vastly in the computer polls and finish the season as the No. 2 program in the nation.

The main reasoning behind this is because the Ducks still have contests against Stanford and Oregon State, both of who are ranked in the top-15.

Though the two do play each other this weekend, they should play a close contest that won’t see either drop too far in the polls. Having a victory over each of these programs come the end of the season will play in Oregon’s favor and really give them the boost in the computer polls that they need.

So, for all you Duck fans that are worrying about Oregon’s shot at the BCS National Chamionship game, there is really not much you can do but sit back, try to relax, and enjoy the ride; the end of this season is going to be one that goes down in history.

The only thing we can really do is count on the Ducks to win the rest of their games and let BCS madness ensue.


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