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Are Oregon’s all-yellow uniforms the best or worst combo yet?

UO does it again

Fall camp has officially begun for the Oregon Ducks, which means we can finally start talking about the depth chart, the schedule and the way we expect the season to play out under first-year head coach Mark Helfrich.

Then again, there’s one topic that seemingly never grows old for both fans and haters of the University of Nike—uniforms.

The Ducks have had some looks in the past that make it easy for anyone to be an admirer. The truth is, though, that they’ve also had a few that didn’t quite have the same appeal.

It was announced during the offseason that the team would be wearing a brand new all-yellow combination in 2013, and the question is: Is this one of the best uniform combos of all time, or one of the worst?

Are Oregon's all-yellow uniforms the best or worst combination yet?

Are Oregon’s all-yellow uniforms the best or worst combination yet?

The Best?

If you love a uniform that is wild, crazy and more than a little bit out there, this is the combination for you.

The Ducks have been knocked a bit in the past for steering away from traditional colors. Green and yellow rule the world for any true Ducks fan, but the truth is that black, white, grey and even volt have all become primary colors when it comes to the University of Oregon.

Now, with the all-yellow look set to take place, it’s safe to say the team has gone back to its roots while still empowering a move toward the future.

The Worst?

The Ducks have been known as a flashy team for quite some time. Chip Kelly’s blur offense only helped spread that notion, but the truth is that not all uniforms have looked as good as the offense.

If you’re a fan of a more neutral color, this is not the uniform for you. The all-yellow look is going to stand out on the Autzen Stadium turf, and the fact is, regardless of who the team is playing, the uniforms might be borderline distracting.

It’s no secret that the uniforms have become a recruiting tool in Eugene throughout the years, and the question now is whether or not this is a sell or a turnoff for incoming recruits.

You Decide

When it comes down to it, nobody can tell you how to feel about the Ducks’ new uniforms. Not your friends, not your family and certainly not this blogger.

But when taking this crucial debate to heart, it’s clear that you’re bound to feel one way or the other.

The most extreme uniform combos out there rarely evoke indifferent emotions, and that’s why we love to debate this topic all over the web. Hate em or love em, the Ducks will be rocking an all-yellow uniform in 2013, and the question is: Will you be as big of a fan of the look as you are of the team?


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