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Chip Kelly Receives Offer From Tampa Bay, Chooses Oregon!

Unfinished Business – Chip stays in Oregon!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired Raheem Morris at the conclusion of this NFL season.  That sent them looking to college football for possible candidates. Jim Harbaugh’s instant success at San Francisco is going to make NFL GM’s wonder if they too can find that next great NFL coach.

After a 3rd straight conference title, a 34-6 record, and the first Rose Bowl victory in 94 years, it is safe to say that Oregon coach Chip Kelly is one of the most successful coaches in college football over the last three seasons.

The problem with that is, with college success comes a higher probability of being sought after by NFL teams.  That probability came to fruition this past weekend when it was reported that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chip Kelly were close to an agreement that would make Chip the next head coach of the Bucs.

The Oregon Ducks are already losing LaMichael James and Darron Thomas to the NFL draft this year.

Losing Chip Kelly also would have been a huge blow to the future of the Ducks.

A huge sigh of relief came Monday as it was reported all over the internet that Chip Kelly has “unfinished business” and has chosen to stay at Oregon.  I believe Chip knows how much talent this team still has and making a national title run or two over the next couple years is quite possible.

Personally, I never thought the NFL would come knocking on a the door of a head coach that hangs his hat on the “spread offense,” which would never work in the NFL on a consistent basis.  Who knows, maybe Chip could be successful running a pro style offense, but he has never shown he can at the college level.

Chip Kelly showed he truly loves the Ducks

It is a great day as a Duck fan, knowing Chip Kelly’s head and heart is with the Ducks.  This decision to stay shows dedication a lot of coaches these days do not have.

Hopefully his indecisiveness has not hurt the Ducks on the recruiting trail.

Nick Aliotti, current defensive coordinator, began coaching in 1978 as a graduate assistant with Oregon.  He has changed jobs a few times over the last 30 years having a stint with the Rams when Rich Brooks left for St. Louis.

If Chip were to leave one day, my vote for head coach would be Alliotti.  I’m a fan of hiring from within an organization and he has been with Oregon for many years now.

The Duck’s defense has been underrated over the last several years and he knows how to get the most out of his players.

Mark Helfrich  is Oregon’s offensive coordinator and QB’s coach since 2009.  He was hired after Mike Bellotti left and Chip Kelly was promoted to head coach.

It would be my hope that if Chip Kelly did leave, Mark could maintain the same offensive system that Chip has installed.

Going back to the Rich Brooks era, Oregon has a good, solid history of coaching despite only recently coming into it’s peak of success.

The last thing any Duck fan wants is to see a coaching carousel sparked by much success over the last few years.

Thank you Chip Kelly for making a wise decision in Oregon’s benefit.


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