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Oregon Fans Perspective: Top 5 reasons why I hate the UW Huskies

Dawgs Stink

This Saturday at 7:30 pm The Oregon Ducks will be in Seattle, Washington to take on a big in conference rival, the Washington Huskies.


Washington leads the series 58-40-5.

Don’t let that be an indication of how this series has played out in recent years.  Oregon has embarrassed the the Husky’s over the past 7 years.

The Ducks have not only beaten the Huskies, but have demolished them by 20 or more points for seven straight games.

Washington has been a longtime rival of the Ducks, this rivalry is much underrated nationally, and is one of the nations greats.

The Oregon Ducks love beating down the Huskies and over the last several years, has become quite enjoyable.  I really hate any Washington football team!

However I do believe the Huskies are more hated than the Cougars.

Let me give you 5 reasons why Oregon fans hate the Huskies.

5.  Fans live in the past  

Many moons ago, the Washington Husky football team won football games and stake claim to three national championships.

Well welcome into the future Husky fans.  The Oregon Ducks have beat you seven straight times and you haven’t even competed on the field.  Quit acting like your still a nationally relevant football team, because your not.

Ducks Cheerleaders

Even our Cheerleaders are HOTTER than yours

In college football it’s all about the “now”, leading into the question,  WHAT have you done for me lately?

Just ask the Notre Dame Fighting Irish or the Michigan Wolverines that very question!   When you win a conference title this decade, you can open your mouth, until then you have absolutely no argument against the Ducks on how we haven’t won anything yet!

4.  Who wears purple?!  

Only high school football teams actually sport a purple uniform.  Wake up to the new millennium and come out of junior football.

3.  History  

The history of this conference goes back over a hundred games.

A young college football fan can’t understand how long the Ducks and Huskies have been battling, but as the years pass I can begin to understand the history.

103 total games played according to the ducks website.

Multiply my age by 3 and you approximately equal how long these teams have been battling.

Oregon is losing this historic battle, but give it 18 years! I will live to see the day when Oregon football surpasses this rivalry in head to head wins.

2.  Track and Football don’t mix

 Again welcome to the future.  College football is the number one revenue maker at any college institution’s athletic department.

Nick Holt

This guys D can stop Oregon? LOL You Are Funny!

So, your telling me that your University can’t afford to separate the track field out of your football stadium.  Maybe when I go visit the Husky stadium I should take my binoculars.

Even with the largest stadium capacity of over 70,000, Why does Autzen rate higher on every list  “loudest stadiums in the country” ?

1.  Because every time you see it, it Pisses you off

It’s not just about another win over a mediocre Washington team.

It symbolized the turning of the Oregon football program.  This was the beginning of a great  new era and the end of a horrible one.  For to many years the Ducks were the doormat of the conference and this moment signified the end and Washington dominance.

Talk to any Oregon fan over 18 years old and I guarantee we know the history of Rich Brooks and the Kenny Wheaton play.  

I was at this game as a junior in high school.

No Band wagoner fan here!

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  • Ok, for starters, if you have paid attention at all, you would’ve noticed that USC dominated the Pac-10 up until 2 or 3 years ago, so your dominance and conference champions argument is invalid.

    The Huskies have been terrible in recent years, yes. Oregon has been dominant, yes. But for you Ducks fans to be as big headed as you are is ridiculous. Win a big game outside of the Pac-12 and then start bragging. Not only that, but get past this recruiting violation investigation and tell me your team isn’t tainted.

    Have you even been to Husky stadium? It may not be billed as one of the loudest, but it gets damn loud in there, even with the track around it. Huskies fans or UW have never billed it as one of the loudest stadiums, as it’s big draw is the scenery that is unmatched in college football. Show me another stadium with the backdrop of a gorgeous waterfront and a sunset with green trees filling in the blank space. I also think it helps to have a multi-BILLION dollar company in Nike footing the bill for all your athletic facilities whereas schools like Washington have to pay for it themselves.

    And lastly, your video there makes your living in the past argument a little invalid using YOUR very own school’s history, be it a game or a play, as a point to be made.

    Husky fans will admit that Oregon is a damn good team. But until YOU win something of importance, keep the ego’s in check. We could always ask Auburn or LSU how you guys stack up outside the conference.

  • I have been the biggest critic of Chip Kelly not winning on the big stage.  Oregon is yet to win against a strong defensive front and his play calling gets conservative against good teams.  Oregon has a long way to go in that aspect and I don’t consider Oregon yet Elite. We have a good system in place and with the recruiting getting better each year, maybe we can finally win against an auburn or LSU.  
    Washington is definitely  improved over the last few years and that was a good win last year in the bowl game.  I believe Sarkesian has the program on the right track. I root for the rest of the conference to do well because weak teams give the conference a bad name.  Bottom teir teams need to step up there game!  

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