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Reasons the 2012 Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl Uniforms are “Cool”

Nice Helmet

While some football purists think the Oregon Ducks new Rose Bowl helmets look about as stupid as those spinners you find on a 1977 Cadillac Deville, others are calling it a pure design genius and will be something no other team can replicate.

However, it should come as no surprise that the Ducks and Nike would push the boundaries of football uniforms for this year’s Rose Bowl.

Last year, the Ducks went neon for the BCS National Championship game.

This year, they have apparently gone to a galaxy far, far away.

But the new look doesn’t just end with the helmet, it includes the entire uniform.

As cool as this gaudy getup is, we at Northwest Sports Beat couldn’t miss the opportunity of listing the top 5 cool things about the Oregon Ducks new 2012 Rose Bowl unis.

Reason No. 5

The jersey and pants — Alone they incorporate 11 different materials, and has an armored wing design instead of the traditional wing look along the shoulder area, as well as Nike’s “Chain Maille Mesh” for “exceptional” ventilation.

Practical, but we just think it looks ultra cool.

Reason No. 4

The gloves, shoes and socks — Initially these snazzy yellow gloves appear as if they are designed to be worn unstrapped.

Rose Bowl Uniforms

The Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl uniforms have gone to a galaxy far, far away!

Hey, all the cool kids are doing it, so why not? And to boot, when put together, of course, form an “O” on the palms.

Throw in a pair of Fab Five-like black socks and stealthy black and gray cleats, and this Darth Vader-like ensemble is complete.

Reason No. 3

The padding — For some reason, Nike has always gotten a pass for comparing their athletes to soldiers, and the new thigh padding includes a carbon fiber plate. Maybe the US Military should hire Phil Knight as their new uniform consultant.

Reason No. 2

The helmet You might say it looks like a chrome disco ball. Looking like something straight out of a science fiction movie, the unique liquid metal mirror finish helmet is adorned with reflective gladiator wings on its sides and a etched “O” placed squarely on the center back.

This should work out well for the Badgers who will likely be in need of a mirror to what defeat looks like.

Finally the

No. 1 Reason

Hunter green uniforms with a completely redone numbering system that apparently has an iridescent shine similar to that on a mallard’s feathers.

Nike says that the numbers change colors when the players move, which is just way to awesome.

Now let’s all hope the Ducks play as good as they will look.


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