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The 5 Reasons the Oregon Ducks will beat the Badgers in the Rose Bowl

Sounds like Smack Talk

The 2012 Rose Bowl is sure to be the most watch bowl game this season, and why not?


The matchup this year (Oregon vs. Wisconsin) is sure to provide some of the year’s most exciting football as two teams who have high-scoring offenses in the country built around strong rushing games, will face off leaving one staggering victor to hoist the Rose Bowl hardware.

So before you Badger fans start thinking that I was referring to your team, let me give you the following top five reasons the Oregon Ducks will be in this year’s winner’s circle come January 2.

No. 5 Location

The Ducks will surely have the home town vibe, as plenty of PAC-12 fans should be on hand supporting the over 40 players Oregon has on its roster from California, compared to Wisconsin’s none.

No. 4 The Rushing Attack – Ball vs. James

 The Ducks rank third nationally in scoring and fifth in rushing yards per game, while the Badgers are fourth and 10th.

And while Wisconsin’s Montee Ball led the nation with 1,759 total yards rushing, Oregon’s LaMichael James averaged the most per game at 149.6.

Then mix in a little Kenjon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas, plus the fact that the Ducks outran the Badgers by nearly 800 yards on the year , and it’s going to be a long day for the Wisky front seven.

No. 3 Speed and Tempo

The Oregon Ducks are fast, really fast, and their ability to snap the football every 15 seconds well surely leave the Badgers defense gasping for air. Especially in the second half.

Ducks vs. Badgers

De'Anthony Thomas is ready to run right by Wisconsin

No. 2 Special Teams

The Ducks special teams can wreck havoc on teams. When they get a step ahead of you in the open field they are rarely caught from behind. This is particularly true when intercepting passes, returning punts and kickoffs. The Ducks have scored seven touchdowns by those means and expect a few more in Pasadena.

No. 1 Pass Defense

Since the Badgers and the Ducks boast very capable quarterbacks who have combined for 61 touchdowns this year, much of the outcome in this one will depend on how well the two team’s defenses can hold up. The Ducks D has rolled up 42 sacks and 16 interceptions (three returned for touchdowns) to Wisconsin’s 23 sacks, 15 interceptions and zero touchdowns.

So there you have it, the Ducks distinctly have the advantage in rushing, pass D, tempo/speed, and will be comfortable playing in an “at home-esque” environment.

Honestly, do you still really think your Badgers can win?

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